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The 15:17 to Paris premiere in Los Angeles

Clint Eastwood joins six of his children at The 15:17 To Paris premiere in Los Angeles - Story by Sameer Suri for DAILYMAIL.COM, 6th February 2018. 
Clint Eastwood beamed at the Los Angeles premiere of his latest film The 15:17 To Paris, which is about 2015's foiled jihadist attack on a Thalys train. The 87-year-old director was joined some of his children - namely, Alison, Scott, Francesca, Morgan and Kathryn Eastwood.  Another red carpet stomper at Monday's premiere - held at Warner Bros. Studios - was Arnold Schwarzenegger, who like Clint and his children is not in the film.

Clint cut a dapper figure in a navy three-piece suit, complementing the look with a powder blue dress shirt and a blue and pink striped tie. The director of The 15:17 To Paris was joined at its premiere by his platinum blonde girlfriend Christina Sandera, who is 33 years his junior. Meanwhile, the hunky Scott, 31, modeled a glinting dark suit over a midnight blue dress shirt, going without a tie and leaving his top button undone over his chest. Balancing on black stilettos, 45-year-old Alison, an actress and fashion designer, flashed a bit of cleavage in a floral dress hemmed just above the knee.
Stacy, is the husband of Clint's daughter, Alison, and looked chic in a blue suit he wore over a dress shirt in exactly the same shade. Actress Francesca, 24, wore a sleeveless black cocktail dress with scarlet heels and massive hoop earrings, and on occasion had flung a grey coat over her shoulders. Modelling black stilettos of her own, 21-year-old actress Morgan Eastwood elegantly clashed an immaculate white blazer against a black mini-dress.

Writer and actress Kathryn, 29, wore a buttoned-up collared striped black and white dress, complementing her high-heeled low-top boots. In one photograph, she planted a kiss on her aged father's cheek.

The 15:17 To Paris is based on the real story of Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler, three Americans who impeded a 2015 Islamist terrorist attack on a Thalys train that was carrying them from Amsterdam to Paris.

This new film is based on the memoir The The 15:17 To Paris: The True Story Of A Terrorist, A Train, And Three American Heroes - which Alek, Spencer and Anthony co-wrote with one Jeffrey E. Stern.

Alek and Spencer were both U.S. military men at the time of the attack, and along with Anthony and Chris, they were garlanded by then French President François Hollande as Chevaliers De La Légion D'Honneur. All three of them have played themselves in Clint's new film about them, and they posed with their director at Monday evening's premiere. Clint was also snapped with child actors William Jennings, Paul Mikel-Williams and Bryce Gheisar - who play Spencer, Anthony and Alek respectively as children.
Sinqua Walls, another of the film's stars, exuded chic in a purplish brown suit he wore over a pristine white dress shirt and an Oxford blue tie. He got in a bit of posing with his director as well, the pair of them grinning broadly as they stood together for the camera. Meanwhile, Arnold - the action movie star and ex-Governor of California - wore a charcoal suit over a checked blue dress shirt with no tie. Teaming an elaborately patterned pair of dress shoes with a belt that featured a massive buckle, he posed with a hand shoved into his pocket. The 70-year-old had arrived at the premiere with his black-clad current girlfriend Heather Milligan, a blonde physical therapist who is in her 40s. While at the premiere, the couple could be glimpsed chatting with Scott. Jenna Fischer, who plays Alek's mother Heidi, draped her svelte frame in a midnight blue skirt that featured a thigh-slit up the front and centre. Winding a gleaming Chanel belt about her svelte waistline, the 43-year-old wore a floral strapless top with a lace-trimmed neckline.
While at the premiere, she stood for the photos alongside director Lee Kirk, who is her second and current husband and by whom she has two children. Franco-German actress Jeanne Goursaud, who plays a character called Lea in the film, stunned in a cleavage-baring crimson trouser suit. The 21-year-old slicked her blonde hair back behind her head, accessorizing with a print clutch and wearing stilettos with red, white and blue straps. Actress Briana Evigan, who is not in this movie, nonetheless turned up to the premiere in a robe-like rust-toned dress with a plunging neckline. A white purse slung over her left shoulder, she posed alongside actor Josh Kelly, who per IMDb is her co-star in the upcoming thriller film Already Married. Kevin Sorbo, who is also not in the film, was photographed at the premiere alongside his wife Sam Sorbo. They rang in their 20th wedding anniversary last month. Wearing a black suit with a white dress shirt, Lone Survivor actor Emile Hirsch posed at the premiere with his long brown hair falling free over his shoulders.

Actor Ronn Moss, 65, and his model wife Devin DeVasquez, 54, who are not in The 15:17 to Paris, also grinned for the cameras at the premiere. So too did Thomas Lennon - who is indeed in the premiering movie, playing a character the film's IMDb page identifies only as 'School Principal.' 

Actor Tom Skerritt (below), who like Clint is now in his 80s, is not in the film but did pose up at the premiere for The 15:17 to Paris, which will open in movie theatres Friday. 

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