Thursday, 19 April 2018

Lumiere 2009 Grand Lyon Film Festival rare poster

A close friend of the Archive was recently lucky enough to secure one of these beautiful posters (40cmx x 60cm French petite, left) for the 2009 Grand Lyon Film Festival in which Clint attended. These posters have proven incredibly hard to acquire. The rare poster was also produced in a landscape style for the event which took place between the 13th and 18th of October.

The landscape design version (below) contained a little more of the classic man with no name image in comparison to the portrait version. I have also included a picture of Clint at the event with film critic Pierre Rissient (right) and French director Bertrand Tavernier (left). The photo was taken on the last day of the festival. Behind them is the standee banner style of the poster. 

My kind thanks to Davy Triumph who is the friend in question and now lucky owner of the petite. Should anyone happen to have any version rolled up and doing nothing but gathering dust – I will of course be happy to look after it on your behalf – lol, I jest…  kinda 


Mateusz Ciszewski said...

Hi! The photo with Clint Eastwood in Yugoslavia weren't shot in Vizininada but Petrovaradin fortress, just across Novi Sad (Serbia)

Clint's archive said...

Thank very much for this info Mateusz, I rely on help from time to time, glad to know people like yourself are out there. I have changed the whole post and hope this now looks correct. I have also credited you for your help. Much appreciated.