Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Eastwood Interviewed marks the Archive’s big 100

No, I haven’t scooped an exclusive!

I noticed recently that my number of posts had reached an incredible count of 99.
I never had a clue it had risen so quickly, so it got me thinking…
‘How can I celebrate the illustrious 100?’

I thought it was a good opportunity to mark this site’s century by reproducing a number of great Eastwood interviews. Each of these posts will be titled as:
Eastwood Interviewed
followed by its relevant number with some form of title and/or a date.
Each of these interviews will be either from the web or a vintage magazine.
I hope this exercise will serve not only as a great form of resource, but also perhaps as an opportunity of discovering something that you might have previously missed.

In the long term, and to keep some sort of reference guide, I will be creating a post named Eastwood Interviewed Index. This section will list all interviews and contain live links that will take you direct to any chosen interview you may want to read. This should save time and avoid having to search the entire Archive for any particular interview.

Let’s just hope it works in practice!

Thanks for your continued support
The Clint Eastwood Archive

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