Friday 27 August 2021

Thunderbolt & Lightfoot The Japanese Blu-ray release

Thunderbolt & Lightfoot The Japanese Blu-ray release 
I spotted this release for the first time on Ebay last week and thought it was worthy of a post here. I was struck (again) by the superb cover design and the use of the Japanese artwork. The Eastwood Japanese market is probably among the most desirable with fans, we just can’t seem to get enough of it. I contacted the UK based seller moviemaestro - who kindly sent me some additional photos. Moviemaestro told me that as well as the inlay, the disc includes the trailer and the audio commentary track featuring our late friend and film historian Nick Redman, the lovely Julie Kirgo and Lemm Dobbs - all of which is identical to that found on the Twilight Time release. Personally, I think this design is a real beauty. The montage design cover is certainly appealing on the eye. If only they produced artwork like this today. 
My thanks to moviemaestro for taking the time to send these photos and information.

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Magnum Force behind the scenes

Magnum Force behind the scenes

A big thank you to my friend Davy Triumph for sending over these great behind the scenes and rare images from Magnum Force. A few of these may already be here on the Archive, but some are certainly new. I was particularly pleased to see this first shot, a rare picture featuring a young Michael Cimino on location. 

Cimino of course worked on the screenplay for Magnum Force, but it would be the following year (1974) that he would make his directorial debut with Thunderbolt & Lightfoot. Perhaps Clint had asked Cimino down to the set of Magnum Force for a discussion and to get a feel for a working production, who knows? 

Monday 16 August 2021

The Eiger Sanction complete score finally released

The Eiger Sanction complete score finally released
At long last, it is so good to finally announce the new greatly expanded 2-CD premiere of John Williams original soundtrack! The classic 1975 espionage adventure/thriller with director Clint Eastwood as star also features George Kennedy, Vonetta McGee, Jack Cassidy. Based on the best-selling novel by Trevanian, from executive producers Richard D. Zanuck, David Brown, presented by Universal Pictures. Eastwood is Jonathan Hemlock, once assassin and current professor and rare art collector. Called out of retirement to perform one more “sanction” (killing), Hemlock gets more than he bargained for in a thriller that eventually climaxes atop the icy Eiger peaks with spectacular mountain climbing stunts largely performed by Eastwood himself. 
John Williams scores with his now-trademark seventies style that offers a symphonic orchestra using both highly tonal and atonal elements as well as smaller ensembles showcasing his early love of jazz. Some sequences for orchestra literally soar: “Top of the World”, “The Eiger”. Some sequences quicken the pulse: “The Car Chase”, “Hemlock’s Bonus”, “George Reveals Herself”. Still others display aggressive action: “The Microfilm Killing”, “Falling and Swinging”, “Hanging by a Thread”. Williams also displays his melodic and rhythmic gifts with his classically-limbed “Main Title” and “Montage-Running with George”. And wearing his softer garb, Williams uses flugelhorn horn (mellower trumpet) to bring love into the air. The original 1975 MCA re-recorded album presented 36 minutes of highlights across all of the myriad styles using arrangements designed for album listening back in the day. The actual film soundtrack, never-before-released, contains more than twice that amount of music! And Williams also recorded another seven minutes of original source music as well. All of it appears in this new 2-CD expanded Intrada presentation, expertly mixed by Mike Matessino from the Universal three-channel split mono elements into crisp and vibrant stereo and heard in chronological sequence, including music not used in the finished film. And in a terrific discovery, Universal Music Group located the actual 2” masters for the album re-recording sessions held four months after the film recordings took place. In beautiful condition, these multi-track elements allowed Matessino to remix the entire MCA album in stunning audio as well - including three previously unreleased tracks Williams recorded for that album but was subsequently dropped prior to the album’s release. And all of this appears here in this 2-CD set as well. Over two hours of music in all! It’s a dynamite listening experience! Jon Burlingame provides literate notes for the booklet, Kay Marshall designs the dramatic package. John Williams composes and conducts. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!
ON FIRE: Williams in the 1970's - an unrivalled output of soundtrack scores
Intrada’s site has already announced that this is already temporarily out of stock, so it is worth checking back regularly. It is hardly surprising that this release is going to prove extremely popular. John Williams was on fire in the 1970s – everything he touched turned to gold. In the same year as Eiger he also composed Jaws, a score that shot him into superstardom. The Star Wars trilogy, Jaws 2, Superman, Close Encounters of the Third kind, The Indiana Jones / Raiders movies and many more all followed. 
01. Main Title (From The Motion Picture The Eiger Sanction) (3:23)
02. The Microfilm Killing (Film Version) (1:47)
03. To The Dragon (1:30)
04. Felicity (3:03)
05. Up The Drainpipe (Film Version) (3:38)
06. Love Scene (4:05)
07. Art Masterpieces (1:38)
08. Hemlock And Jemima (3:18)
09. The Unlocked Safe (2:17)
10. Friends And Enemies (Film Version) (3:23)
11. Montage – Running With George (4:48)
12. The Top Of The World (Film Version) (3:37)
13. George Reveals Herself (1:17)
14. The Car Chase (Fifty Miles Of Desert) (3:21)
15. Hemlock’s Bonus (2:10)
16. The Eiger (Film Version) (1:53)
17. Hotel Bellevue (3:00)
18. Anna On The Stairs (1:44)
19. Leading The Climb (2:46)
20. The First Sunset (1:37)
21. Sunrise (0:44)
22. Falling And Swinging (4:42)
23. The Icy Ascent (Film Version) (4:13)
24. Down The Ice Face (2:15)
25. Freytag Onto Ice (2:24)
26. Hanging By A Thread (3:47)
27. End Title (From The Motion Picture The Eiger Sanction) (2:16)
Total Disc Time: 75:16

01. The Eiger Sanction (Main Title) (2:46)
02. Theme From The Eiger Sanction (Flugelhorn Version) (2:57)
03. Fifty Miles Of Desert (2:54)
04. The Icy Ascent (3:44)
05. Friends And Enemies (3:03)
06. The Top Of The World (3:09)
07. Theme From The Eiger Sanction (2:12)
08. Training With George (2:15)
09. Theme From The Eiger Sanction (Hemlock And Jemima) (2:10)
10. George Sets The Pace (2:42)
11. The Microfilm Killing (2:08)
12. Up The Drainpipe (3:21)
13. The Eiger (2:17)
Total Original Soundtrack Album: 36:00

14. Dinner With Gem (2:05)
15. Never Quaver (2:26)
16. Leave Me Alone (3:05)
Total Source Music: 7:53)

17. Theme From The Eiger Sanction (Love Scene) (2:20)
18. Hemlock Leads The Climb (3:08)
19. Theme From The Eiger Sanction (Reprise) (3:10)
Total Extras: 8:48
Total Disc Time: 52:44
Two-Disc Total Time: 128:00

Friday 6 August 2021

Cry Macho advertising campaign is launched

Cry Macho advertising campaign is launched
The marketing campaign for Cry Macho began yesterday (August 5, 2021), when "first look" images, a poster and an official trailer were released. In an interview, Eastwood described it as an "uplifting and poignant drama" about "a man who has been through some hard times in his life and then unexpectedly another challenge is brought to the foreground. He would normally never do it but he is a man of his word. He follows through. And it starts his life over again” While Variety's Ethan Shanfeld commented that Eastwood "redefines machismo" in the trailer.
It’s interesting that the trailer uses an arrangement of Ennio Morricone’s music from The Mission, an uplifting piece of music and perhaps a nod to the late composer who was so inspirational as part of the Leone / Dollar trilogy.
Below: The first poster released for Cry Macho
Below: Some early photos from Cry Macho
Below: The official trailer for Cry Macho