Sunday 26 April 2020

The Dalys – Rare UK Fistful of Dollars 7” Record

Back at the start of April, I was very lucky to at last add this very quirky little piece of memorabilia to my collection. For me, this 7” record has been something of a quest…
The Dalys were a couple of Irish singers who, back in May 1967 released the single A Fistful of Dollars / The Man with No Name (Fontana TF 841). The Dalys released a few 45s in their time but in fairness, they were all rather mundane and never really set the charts on fire. But this one was at least a bit of fun, and was released to tie in with the 1964 Clint Eastwood / Sergio Leone film.
As mentioned above, it has always been something of a quest as it actually appeared in the United Artists UK press book when the film was eventually released here in the UK during the June of 1967. You don’t find too many of these about today, so it was almost a relief to pin one down and finally add it to the rest of the Eastwood related vinyl.

Above: How the record was first introduced in the Fistful of Dollars Press book)
Below: The 1967 record on Fontana
Below: Clint is greeted at Heathrow airport, The Dalys stood either side of him

Rare Italian A Fistful of Dollars original review

I have been trying to keep busy here on the Archive during these very sad and testing times. Whilst there may not appear to be too many new postings, I have been adding various pieces throughout the Archive. I have recently scanned some 70 pieces from my collection and plan to do a great deal more.

However, some of these I will be posting (as New posts) – as I feel they are worthy of a 'first look' place at the top of the Archive. They will of course also be added to each of their dedicated pages.

So here is a nice piece, a 4 page original Italian review for A Fistful of Dollars. I have no idea of the magazine, however it is a large format publication as the pages had to be scanned in two passes and then painstakingly joined. Unfortunately, I’m also not adept in Italian, but as this is a worldwide site, I like to also try and cater for everyone. I would of course dearly love to know the thoughts within this review, but until I can get a translation or someone can transcribe it into English, I can only guess.
Anyway, I hope it can be useful and/or provide some enjoyment.

Thursday 23 April 2020

A Perfect World Rare German poster (in colour)

Some months ago I was lucky enough to pick up this rare poster from Germany. It is a poster from Warner Home Video and a standard German A1 size. However, what makes this unusual is that the central image is in colour. Most other theatrical designs saw the Costner and T.J. Lowther image in a sepia duo tone as opposed to colour – so it’s a nice alternative to have. There were a couple of posters released in Germany for the home video release including one which is a colour close up profile shot of Clint. Again, it’s a wonderful design  and also produced in landscape style as opposed to portrait.
Below: The German video design (left) and the standard design (right)