Sunday 11 October 2009

A visit from an old friend: Dave Turner

I was thrilled a few weeks back to hear from an old friend and former president of The Clint Eastwood Appreciation Society, Dave Turner.
I had not spoken to Dave in a couple of years, but glad to learn he still stops by here at The Clint Eastwood Archive from time to time. Dave took early retirement in May this year, and along with his wife, was treated to a present, back to California. It’s hard to believe it was 30 years ago that Dave meet with Clint for the first time (was it really ’79!), it was also a special year for me, as it marked the first time I signed up to the Society and became a very proud member.
It was a good opportunity for Dave to revisit The Hog (and to recapture that famous photo moment that we’ve all been guilty of). Sadly the Hog has changed a little inside, as Dave said, ‘The huge Josey mural that was there back in the day had gone.’

Above: Dave revisits The Hogs Breath Inn, photos taken May 2009
I’d always admired Dave’s loyalty to the Eastwood scene and his continued commitment. As well as producing a great magazine, long before the introduction of the web, Dave was our only real connection to the Clint scene. We also had a great regular correspondent in Kev, our member based in San Francisco (are you out there Kev, SAY HELLO!). Dave has also sent a birthday card to Clint on every single birthday.
Amazingly, Dave still receives a few letters a year from people who have managed to acquire back copies of the old society magazines, in the hope that it is still going! It’s always great to hear from ‘El presidento’ and I’d like to thank him also for the wonderful photos he sent me.

Below: Looking at this super shot, I feel I should be listening to Dee Barton's music!

Above: Photos taken May 2009
Today, Dave remains happy in his painting pursuits, so do stop by and visit the web site:

The Clint Eastwood Archive

Friday 9 October 2009

The Magnificent Stranger 1966

This is a film that surfaced in 1966 on the back of The Dollar movies. It was nothing more than a couple of episodes of Rawhide edited to form the basis of a feature length movie. It soon became banned and withdrawn from a theatrical run. It was named The Magnificent Stranger, the original shooting title for A Fistful of Dollars.

Below: An Italian poster for The Magnificent Stranger and Italian Fotobusta

Below: Another Italian design poster for The Magnificent Stranger, I have this design poster on the Italian Locandina style design

Below: Another great Italian design for The Magnificent Stranger 1966

Below: Here's my Orignal Italian Locandina poster for The Magnificent Stranger

Below: A rarely seen original press still