Monday 12 April 2010

Tehama est. 1997

Tehama is a Native American word that means "abundance of nature". It become the one of the fastest growing luxury lifestyle & sportswear brands in the US. The premier line of men's and women's sportswear was founded by Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood and fashion industry veteran Nancy Haley in August of 1997. Tehama is the standard upon which all other apparel companies are measured.

Below: Tehama's Summer Catalogue from 2003 with Dina featured on front cover and throughout.
Below: An Original trade ad for Tehama featuring both Clint and Dina.
I also have a great deal of original slides from the above photo shoot, a superb collection featuring Clint and Dina in the above location and on the beach. There are also a number of shots featuring Clint posing beside the 'Bridges of Madison County' pick up truck. Remarkable shots that I will try to get uploaded at some point.
Below: Clint pictured with Tehama partner Nancy Haley
Below: Another great photo Ad featuring Clint for a Tehama advertising range
Below: A couple of Tehama baseball caps
To visit the Tehame Golf club visit HERE

The DeAgostini Classic Clint Eastwood Collection 2004 - 2006

Back in 2004 DeAgostini started to release (fortnightly) a collection of Magazines with an accompanying DVD. Consisting of 52 issues, the collection of films was a pretty good representation of Clint's movie legacy, notable titles that did not make the collection included Paramount films such as Escape from Alcatraz and Paint your Wagon and Universal's Breezy. As with any collection such as this, most fans would of course have the majority of these films already in their own collections.
What made this set a little different was that it also included quite a few rare and early titles, in particular, some of Clint's early bit part movies (many of which were first time releases on DVD) and some excellent and vital gap fillers.
As the Magazines are not too much to shout about in terms of content, the DVDs were certainly worth picking up individually for certain titles and without the commitment of subscribing.
With a subscription to the collection came a bag of enticing gifts which included:
An exclusive DVD storage box
A Clint T-shirt which featured Dirty Harry artwork
A pair of Dirty Harry re pro sunglasses
A stylish binder to hold the magazines
A Music for the movies of Clint Eastwood Compact Disc

A big thank you to my good friend Mal Baker who helped in providing the images for this collection.

Below: 3 Original advertisments for the DeAgostini Clint Eastwood Collection

Issue 1: Dirty Harry

Issue 2: Unforgiven

Issue 3: Magnum Force

Issue 4: The Outlaw Josey Wales

Issue 5: Space Cowboys

Issue 6: Heartbreak Ridge

Issue 7: Kelly's Heroes

Issue 8: The Enforcer

Issue 9: Pale Rider

Issue 10: The Gauntlet

Issue 11: Firefox

Issue 12: Sudden Impact

Issue 13: Absolute Power

Issue 14: True Crime

Issue 15: In the Line of Fire

Issue 16: The Dead Pool

Issue 17: The Bridges of Madison County

Issue 18: Blood Work

Issue 19: A Perfect World

Issue 20: Where Eagles Dare

Issue 21: Tightrope

Issue 22: City Heat

Issue 23: Pink Cadillac

Issue 24: White Hunter, Black Heart

Issue 25: A Fistful of Dollars

Issue 26: Honkytonk Man

Issue 27: For a Few Dollars More

Issue 28: The Rookie

Issue 29: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Issue 30: Bronco Billy

Issue 31: Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Issue 32: Hang em High

Issue 33: Out of the Shadows

Issue 34: Two Mules for Sister Sara

Issue 35: Coogan's Bluff

Issue: 36 The Eiger Sanction

Issue: 37 High Plains Drifter

Issue: 38 Joe Kidd

Issue: 39 Play Misty For Me

Issue: 40 The Beguiled

Issue: 41 Mystic River

Issue: 42 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Issue: 43 Lady Godiva

Issue: 44 Francis in the Navy

Issue: 45 Revenge of the Creature

Issue: 46 Tarantula

Issue: 47 Every which way but Loose

Issue: 48 Any which way you Can

Issue: 49 Star in the Dust

Issue: 50 Never say Goodbye

Issue: 51 The Man from Malpaso

Issue: 52 Paris Blues