Monday 14 October 2019

The Enforcer: And how Clint loves that Shotgun…

Today I was sent a couple of superb ‘unseen’ images from The Enforcer (1976) one of which is particularly wonderful. A lot of fans will be familiar with Clint holding this shotgun via a number of publicity shots released from the film, but of course never shows up in the finished cut of the film.

The more familiar and commonly seen shots feature Clint with this shotgun whilst wearing the white windcheater style jacket that he wore later in the movie. These familiar shots were taken whilst filming the climax on Alcatraz Island. However, the whole Alcatraz sequence saw Clint wearing the brown suede jacket (just to confuse things even more). 
If using the evidence in the photo below, we can safely say this was taken during the shooting of the liquor store hold up. Clint clearly has the same jacket on, and the POV is pretty much identical to where Harry drives the car through the shop front. 

The background buildings (left) also confirm this. The second photo is probably from the same photo shoot. I can also confirm that these were both taken during the July of 1976.

The shotgun photos have always been a bone of contention among Eastwood fans. This photo only serves as more evidence that Clint was perhaps itching to include this piece of hardware within the movie. I guess we will never know. I will have to pull the script again one of these days to see if it actually makes an appearance. For now, this cracker of a photo will continue to keep us happy, as well as further extending our curiosity. 
My kindest thanks to Davy Triumph.    

Friday 4 October 2019

Richard Jewell, Official Trailer already released by Warner Bros!

I’m amazed to see that a trailer is already out there for the Clint’s forthcoming movie Richard Jewell (which I believe has been marked for a December release). I’m constantly surprised at the speed of Clint’s output, it seems like only yesterday I was still reporting on the casting. Speaking of casting, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing Sam Rockwell working under Clint’s direction. I’ve always been a huge admirer of Rockwell’s work. So what else can we take from the Trailer? Well I can see that the score is by the American-Cuban jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval. I’ll be interested in hearing this, as his film work up until now has arguably been somewhat low key. We of course still don’t know if there will in fact be a soundtrack release. In the meantime, here’s the trailer. My thanks also to Jayne Smart for alerting me to this.

Play Misty for Me Rare UK 60 x 40 poster

Out of respect, I held back on posting this extremely rare poster while the auction was still active. In that time, it also gave me the opportunity to digitally restore it to somewhere near its original glory. The poster as stated is an extremely rare one and was exclusively printed for the ABC cinema chain. As far as we are aware, there was also a poster produced for Dirty Harry (see here) and for High Plains Drifter. Because of the unusual size, especially in UK cinemas, these posters were often cut down to a 30x40 section in order to fit within the more standard quad frame - something that actually turns me cold at the very thought! This Play Misty version sold on Wednesday for a final price of £113.00, which was not particularly surprising as it was the first one I have ever seen come up for auction. The poster was available within the UK only, so unless it was obtained on behalf of someone, I’m guessing the poster still remains here within the UK. It’s certainly a very nice and unique piece.