Friday 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas

Classic Clint from 1982
I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everybody here a great Christmas and every happiness for 2011. It has been a wonderful year here at The Clint Eastwood Archive and the statistics continue to look very healthy indeed. In the last period of 2010 the site received over 81,000 hits, so I would like to thank everybody who continues to visit here and who offer support. I would especially like to thank Mal Baker and Dave Turner, two long time Clint related friends who continue to keep the faith and are always there to help out. I would also like to thank the wonderful JERRY WHITTINGTON. Jerry has worked on a number of Clint's classics such as Paint Your Wagon, Play Misty for Me and High Plains Drifter. Jerry has not only provided the archive with some great material, but he has also become a most valued friend. My sincere thanks Jerry. I would also like to thank Warner Brothers for their continued support, it's great to know you guys are there. There is still tons of material to be added here (Yes, honestly), I know the site already seems to be bulging at the sides, but we have only just scratched the surface (I can see Mal beginning to break out in a sweat already). There are still thousands of Photos and articles yet to be posted here. As friends of the site know, I always try and go the extra mile by making sure that most of the images are digitally restored before being posted.
Cheers to you all! ~The Clint Eastwood Archive~

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Eli Wallach collects Honorary Oscar

I'm a little late in reporting this news due to being stuck in the white wastelands of Northern England for the past couple of weeks. It was great to see the wonderful Eli Wallach awarded with an honorary Oscar last month. Eli (who turned 95 on Dec 7th) collected his award from long time friend Eastwood. Eastwood told the audience (at the Governors Awards ceremony which was held at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland Center on November 13, 2010) about their time while filming The Good, the bad and the Ugly in Spain.
Check out the following link:

Robert DeNiro also helped recognize 94-year-old actor Eli Wallach, who was presented with an Oscar statuette for his 60-year acting career that continues today.

"Eli, now that we’re going for the same parts, I hope we can remain friends," DeNiro joked.

Bennett, who was introduced as Wallach’s longtime friend, sang two songs in the actor’s honor.

Eastwood, who worked with Wallach on "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," called him "a great performer and a great friend" and thanked the academy for its "good taste and good sense" in presenting him with an honorary Oscar.

Wallach said he was deeply moved by the award.

"I don’t act to live, I live to act," he said, kissing his Oscar before stepping off stage.

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