Friday, 24 July 2009

Clint 70's style

I thought this would be an idea place for sharing some photos which reflect Clint in the 1970s and may not perhaps fall under any specific film catagory. Publicity shots, family shots etc will feature here.
Below: Clint and Kyle at home in the late 70s, It's easy to see that Kyle was destined for a career in music!
Below: Clint at his Carmel home circa 1977

Below: Clint with old friend Charlton Heston, Clint once stood in for Heston at the Academy Awards in the early 1970's as Heston's car had picked up a flat on the highway. Clint agreed to step in and read his lines, unfortunately, Heston's speech was littered with references to The Ten Commandments, Cecil B and just about everything else from Heston's career, the result was similar to a train crash! Thankfully Heston came running on stage to rescue Clint from the ordeal, a classic and very funny piece of TV it was too! Burt Reynold's was splitting his guts open with laughter in the front row...
 Below: A couple of nice shots of Clint with wife, Maggie.