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Early Eastwood TV and Movie bit parts

I wanted to get this post started in order to post several posters and lobby card that I have either in my own collection or on file. This post covers a 10 year period, between the years 1955 - 1965 and does not include Rawhide which has its own dedicated page. Here you will find all things connected with the following films or TV appearances:
"The Danny Kaye Show" .... Himself-Guest (1 episode, 1965)
- Episode dated 6 October 1965 (1965) TV episode .... Himself-Guest
CBS: The Stars' Address (1963) (TV) .... Himself
"Pantomime Quiz" (1 episode, 1962)
... aka "Mike Stokey's Pantomime Quiz" - USA (alternative title)
... aka "Stump the Stars" - USA (new title)
- The Rawhide Cast (1962) TV episode
"Mister Ed" .... Himself (1 episode, 1962)
- Clint Eastwood Meets Mister Ed (1962) TV episode .... Himself
"Here's Hollywood" .... Himself (1 episode, 1962)
- Episode dated 23 March 1962 (1962) TV episode .... Himself
"Disneyland '59" (1959) (TV) .... Himself
"Maverick" .... Red Hardigan (1 episode, 1959)
- Duel at Sundown (1959) TV episode .... Red Hardigan DVD
Above: The Maverick episode is available on DVD, it actually comes as an extra on the Special 2 Disc edition of Unforgiven
Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958) .... Keith Williams Rare 16mm full print

Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958) is also now available on Blu-ray disc in its full Regalscope ratio
Lafayette Escadrille (1958) .... George Moseley
... aka "C'est la guerre" - USA (alternative title)
... aka "With You in My Arms" - USA (alternative title)

"Navy Log" .... Burns (1 episode, 1958)
- The Lonely Watch (1958) TV episode .... Burns
Escapade in Japan (1957) (uncredited) .... Dumbo Pilot
"West Point" (1 episode, 1957)
- White Fury (1957) TV episode
"Death Valley Days" .... John Lucas (1 episode, 1956)
... aka "Call of the West" - USA (syndication title)
... aka "The Pioneers" - USA (syndication title)
... aka "Trails West" - USA (syndication title)
... aka "Western Star Theater" - USA (syndication title)
- The Last Letter (1956) TV episode .... John Lucas
Below: Death Valley Days This is a very rare U.S. Laserdisc, containing 4 episodes including 'The Last Letter' which starred Clint. Made in b/w 26 mins.

The First Traveling Saleslady (1956) .... Lt. Jack Rice, Roughrider
Below: Clint as he appears in The First Traveling Saleslady
Away All Boats (1956) (uncredited) .... Marine (Medic)
Below: How Clint appeared briefly in Away all Boats
Star in the Dust (1956) (uncredited) .... Tom, ranch hand
... aka "Law Man" - USA (alternative title) DVD
"Highway Patrol" .... Joe Keeley (1 episode, 1956)
- Motorcycle A (1956) TV episode .... Joe Keeley
Never Say Goodbye (1956) (uncredited) .... Will DVD
Tarantula (1955) (uncredited) .... Jet Squadron Leader
... aka "The Giant Tarantula" - USA (informal title) DVD / Laserdisc
Lady Godiva of Coventry (1955) (uncredited) .... First Saxon
... aka "21st Century Lady Godiva" - USA (alternative title) DVD
Francis in the Navy (1955) .... Jonesey DVD
Allen in Movieland (1955) (TV) .... Orderly
Revenge of the Creature (1955) (uncredited) .... Jennings - Lab Technician DVD
Below: Swedish 1 sheet for Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958) this was one of the films that Sergio Leone viewed when considering Eastwood for A Fistful of Dollars, although he was not impressed by the movie he liked the way Clint moved 'cat like' as he described it. Eastwood would also later comment that he thought it was a terrible film.
Although the film has not had any official DVD release I am lucky enough to own a complete print of this movie on 16mm.

Below: The 6 sheet poster for Away all Boats (1956) Clint appears as part of the Marine crew, as a medic and has just a single line. Not sure of any DVD release, but I only have a VHS recording from a TV broadcast.

Below: A rare fold out mailer for Escapade in Japan (1957) where Clint appeared briefly as an aircraft pilot. Again, not sure of any DVD release of this movie, but I do have a VHS from a TV broadcast.

Below: 3 Original Lobby Cards from Francis in the Navy (1955) where Clint had quite a large role as one of the Sailors (Jonesey) card Nos 3, 4 and 7 are shown below and each of them feature Clint. I have the DVD of the movie (scan to follow).

Below: Lady Godiva (1955) Original U.S. Insert, Clint appeared in a 'blink and you'll miss him' role as the first saxon. Nevertheless, I still have this movie on DVD (scan to follow)
Below: Never say goodbye (1956) lobby card set. I'm lucky enough to own this particular set where Clint played lab assistant Will, to Rock Hudson. Below are the complete set of 8 cards and a close up example of the title card. I also have this film on DVD (scan to follow)

Below: Tarantula (1955) was one of many films in Universal's second phase of monster flicks and has now become a classic of the genre. Clint appears towards the finale as the Jet Squadron Leader who lead a team of fighter jets to bomb and destroy the giant spider. Below is one of the famous lobby cards of the day. I own the movie on both Laserdisc and DVD (scan to follow)

Below: A Rare costume test shot of Clint when landing his first feature role in the 1955 3-D sequel Revenge of the Creature
Below: A rare shot from 1955, Clint attends a dance class at Universal Studios with John Saxon and Floyd Simmons

Lots more to come in this section, so check back soon!

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