Saturday, 11 September 2010

Rare photos of Eastwood composer Dee Barton

The Archive's good friend Jerry Whittington has been in contact over the weekend and again, supplied us with some wonderful material. Jerry worked closely with composer Dee Barton in the music and sound effects mixing department during Clint's classic films Play Misty for me and High Plains Drifter. Barton was also responsible for the Thunderbolt and Lightfoot score, made during the same terrific decade. As mentioned last week, Jerry started in the film business around 1960 and was fortunate enough to have worked on several Eastwood projects, including Paint Your Wagon.
Below: This week, Jerry kindly sent me a real treasure, The No Name City Gazette. These mock newspapers were produced and handed out on the set for the film's cast and crew to keep, which I guess kept them all hugely entertained in between set ups.

It's great to finally begin to get some input on the great Dee Barton. As a soundtrack collector myself, it has become increasingly frustrating to watch each decade pass by without any sign of his soundtracks seeing any kind of release. Play Misty for me (Clint's directorial debut) is a great suspenseful score. It also has some terrific Jazz material which was featured during the Monterey festival sequence and of course, the Erroll Garner classic title track. High Plains Drifter (Clint's western directorial debut) has a genuinely haunting and mysterious quality to it, as well as an incredible central theme. Taking into account their historical importance, especially in terms of the Eastwood timeline, they really do deserve some form of release.
A couple of very rare photos. On the left, composer Dee Barton and on the right is Jerry Whittington (who turned 69 in July). The girls behind Jerry are all part of the sound Dept associated with the post production music mixing and sound effects on both High Plains Drifter and Play Misty for Me.

Below: Jerry also provided this great picture, which I have never seen before. Looking at Clint's jacket, I would guess that this was taken circa 1978 while Clint was making Every which way but loose. A very rare chance to see both Clint and Dee Barton together.
Thanks again Jerry for sharing these great photos with us.

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Kevin said...

I must admit I do not know much about Dee Barton. It seems to be a sadly neglected area regarding release and information so it's really good to see these rare photos.
I love the Paint Your Wagon newspaper too. Thanks to Jerry again for these great treasures.