Tuesday, 14 February 2012

WORLD EXCLUSIVE Jerry Fielding's The Gauntlet Soundtrack to be released Remastered! With Original Artwork!

My great friend Robin Esterhammer of Perseverance Records contacted me today with some wonderful news. The Clint Eastwood Archive is very proud to be the first to announce the remastered release of Jerry Fielding's superb score for Clint's 1977 action packed film The Gauntlet. Robin also wanted to send this personal message to everyone here:

This is a special announcement for the fans of The Clint Eastwood Archive. This release hasn't been announced on our Web site or message boards yet. You will be the first to order this great album!

The Gauntlet
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Jerry Fielding)

PRR 043 / $12.98

Perseverance Records is proud to announce the reissue of the soundtrack to Clint Eastwood's 1977 action film, The Gauntlet. Jerry Fielding has worked with Clint Eastwood on four films and has worked with some other great directors in his career (Peckinpah, Preminger, Irwin Allen, Michael Ritchie) as well as on numerous television series. We are excited to reissue this album at a really low $12.98. This is another example of a release many people missed out on from the Warner France reissue released in early 2000s.

Release Notes:

· The masters sound really good. As with the Exorcist, Warner Music remastered this for us.

· Liner notes by Fielding authority Nick Redman.

· This is a straight reissue using the track listing from the original LP and the Warner France CD. It’s a great representation of the score from the film.

· Priced to sell at $12.98. There will only be 3,000 copies manufactured. We will not make any more after we reach that total.

· We used the original artwork on this the same way we did for Exorcist II. We love the look of the CD as it brings back the original LP’s front and back graphics.

· Please keep this in mind. Our deal for this album lasts for a specific period of years. With the market shifting dramatically to digital it is highly doubtful another label reissues this recording. Grab it while you can.

Please enjoy. For anybody asking why this is being released the way it is, it’s simple. I want to make sure these kinds of releases get the light of day at reasonable prices. There are many other consumers out there who aren’t avid collectors and simply buy a film score because they saw the movie on TV or heard it someplace. They are the silent minority when it comes to film score sales. We want to provide you and them a chance to own these releases at a reasonable price versus the crazy sums of money speculators try to charge. It's as simple as that. We want to make sure all of our reissues are viewed as good deals.

To order, click here

Robin Esterhammer
Perseverance Records

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Davy T said...

A lot of 'older' movies have re-issued over the years, with the extras etc, about time same thing happend to Clints. I sold most of my vinyl collection and would love the chance to replace some with new cd format..C'mon Josey Wales :) Also lookin to find the Which Way country albums on CD..no luck to date. Well done for kicking this off with the Gauntlet. Cheers Davy T ex CEAS


Fantastic news.I remember the superb quality artwork on the original L.P.
This is going to be a must have c.d of a superb Jerry Fielding soundtrack!
Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Great to see the Clint back catalogue getting some attention. Glad that the superb original artwork is being used as well. Well done.

THE SCORE said...

The Gauntlet
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Jerry Fielding)

At last! A great soundtrack reissue with the original album artwork.This is how it should be.A lot of film scores that are reissued come with made up artwork and not the original.When the paying public see a reissue film score with the original album artwork thats what helps sell it.I will be putting my order in straight away.Keep up the good work and i hope there is more of those classic 70's score's to be released soon.

Best wishes

The Score.

Mal Baker said...

A massive thank you to Robin and all at Perseverance Records for rediscovering this brilliant jazzy Clint classic. It feels like only yesterday I purchased this LP Album with the stunning Frank Frazetta artwork on the cover, which will now look superb on the CD. Once again many thanks, many more to come please. Best Wishes

Mal Baker

Anonymous said...

Made my day behin | berriro , great post ..! Bi Miniaturak up :)

JoeKidd said...

The trumpet of Jon Faddis!!!

Clint's archive said...

Thanks Joe, cuts like a jagged blade doesnt it!

meg myles said...

I appeared as Big Red in "Coogens Bluff" at the open door of his hotel room. He caught me in the act...trying to pick his wallet from his pocket. A few years later I introduced my Director husband to Clint as they prepared to fly to AFRICA TO film a segment for THE AMERICAN SPORTSMAN...I also sang with Jerry Fielding in one of my Erly 50's Las Vegus gig's
What a small wonderful world and how happy I am to Still Be Here !!!
Meg Myles

Clint's archive said...

Hi Meg, how wonderful to hear from you, Coogan has always been one of my favourites, you certainly made an impact! Meg if possible would you mind dropping me a line at
I would love to ask you a few question that I'm sure the fans here would love to hear about. Thank you and god bless