Friday, 14 February 2014

2 Clint Soundtracks announced First Time on CD!

My old Eastwood buddy Lea St Laurent just contacted me and told me of this news, thanks so much Lea for the heads up!

Any Which Way You Can

SKU: VSD-7236
UPC: 030206723687
Artist: Various
Title: Any Which Way You Can: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Release Date: 2/18/14
Any Which Way You Can was an action comedy film, starring Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, Geoffrey Lewis, William Smith, and Ruth Gordon. The film is the sequel to the 1978 hit comedy film Every Which Way but Loose.
The soundtrack features the #1 hit “You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma” by David Frizzell & Shelley West, and the top 10 hit “Any Which Way You Can” by Glen Campbell as well as five other top country hits.

Track List:
1. Beers to You • Ray Charles & Clint Eastwood
2. Any Which Way You Can • Glen Campbell
3. You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma • David Frizzell & Shelley West
4. Whiskey Heaven • Fats Domino
5. One Too Many Women In Your Life • Sondra Locke
6. Cow Patti • Jim Stafford
7. Acapulco • Johnny Duncan
8. Any Way You Want Me • Gene Watson
9. Cotton-Eyed Clint • The Texas Opera Company
10. Orangutan Hall of Fame • Cliff Crofford
11. Too loose • Sondra Locke
12. The Good Guys and the Bad Guys • John Durrill


Honkytonk Man

SKU: VSD-7237
UPC: 030206723786
Artist: Various
Title: Honkytonk Man: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Release Date: 2/18/14
Honkytonk Man is set in the Great Depression. Clint Eastwood, who produced and directed, stars with his son, Kyle Eastwood. Clancy Carlile's screenplay is based on his novel of the same name.
The movie featured Marty Robbins' performing the title song (a top 10 country hit) in his final appearance before he passed away. The soundtrack also features Clint Eastwood singing "When I Sing about You" and "No Sweeter Cheater Than You" as well as Clint joining with Marty Robbins, John Anderson and David Frizzell to sing the Jimmie Rodgers classic "In The Jailhouse Now."

Track List:
1. San Antonio Rose • Ray Price with Johnny Gimble & The Texas Swing Band
2. Turn The Pencil Over • Porter Wagoner
3. Please Surrender • David Frizzell & Shelly West
4. When I Sing About You • Clint Eastwood
5. Ricochet Rag • Johnny Gimble & The Texas Swing Band
6. Honkytonk Man • Marty Robbins
7. One Fiddle, Two Fiddle • Ray Price with Johnny Gimble & The Texas Swing Band
8. In The Jailhouse Now • Marty Robbins, John Anderson, David Frizzell & Clint Eastwood
9. No Sweeter Cheater Than You • Clint Eastwood
10. These Cotton Patch Blues • John Anderson
11. Texas Moonbeam Waltz • Johnny Gimble & The Texas Swing Band

12. When The Blues Come Around This Evening • Linda Hopkins


davytriumph said...

Great news Darren, but I could think of better soundtracks to release;)

Clint's archive said...

Davy! Good to hear from you mate. I know what you're saying, but I have to be happy these have finally come through, god knows it has been way too long. And I think that any Eastwood soundtrack release should be celebrated, it can only prove to be positive in the hope of seeing others follow. Saying that, the spaces or gaps are becoming fewer and fewer. Of course I would have loved to of seen titles like Pale Rider or Tightrope get a full release (over these current titles), but I still feel it is a good move in the right direction. Let's hope...;-)

Ruby said...

Let me just say, going through your blog made me realize how great Clint Eastwood is. We all know how great of a performer and actor he is and now you have found a way to preserve all of his works. This is actually amazing. I'm so happy that you're working hard to keep your idol’s works just like a treasure.
Ruby Badcoe