Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Two Rare U.S. Documentaries found on DVD... in Japan!

My friend in Japan Philip McLean contacted me recently, like any serious film fan; he enjoys searching through back street shops in order to perhaps find a little treasure or two. Luck was in last week when Philip sent me a message containing a photo of a DVD case, which was very new to me. At just ¥480 (approx £2.77) Philip took the plunge. Turns out there were two documentaries on the disc, 'Hollywood Remembers: Clint Eastwood'. As Philip explained:
'There are two separate episodes in what was clearly a series for TV broadcast focusing on the stars. The quality of clips is poor at times, some material is repeated over both shows and oddly the chronology does jump about between movies, without explanation. Anyway, it’s an interesting overview and find. You never know what'll pop up do you?'
In deed you don't! There's certainly something really nice about seeing these trailers, transferred directly from a film source, complete with dust, spots and tram line scratches - rather than pristine transfers. As I said to Philip, it's much like revisiting them back in the days of those glorious old flea pits!

Anyway, I really appreciate the copy Philip and it was a fabulous 50mins. Philip was kind enough to also send me full scans, so I have posted them here, should the DVD ever raise its head on eBay...


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