Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Gauntlet - Rare advance promotional folder

A big thank you to my friend Davy Triumph who recently acquired this very rare promo folder for The Gauntlet (1977). Davy was kind enough to send me the original scans that were advertising this rare piece. As always here on the CEA, I always try to restore the images to show them how they may of originally looked, in this case - some 38 years ago. It's a really interesting piece, as Davy pointed out, there is no 'The' in the title at this early stage. There is also an elongated 'L' in the word Gauntlet, making room for the silhouetted image of both Clint and Sondra. Note also inside that Clint's hand is holding 44 Magnum (not used in the film). This image appears to be from the credit sequence of Magnum Force. I took Davy's original images, and spent about an hour digitally restoring them taking out blemishes, minor creases and restoring the colour. I did not remove the centre fold completely in order to illustrate that this piece was/is a folded item (and was factory pressed that way). This is where a lot of the time is spent here at the CEA in presenting the image material in the best possible way. Sometimes an item is so rare, images hardly come along, so we think it is worth the time and effort to preserve them for all to enjoy - in all of their original glory. Thank you again Davy, your contributions are always appreciated. 
In this post I have chosen (I think for the first time) to show both the before and after examples.

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