Friday, 13 November 2015

Clint Eastwood directs Tom Hanks in a scene while filming on riverside location for Sully

He may have two Oscars to his name, but Tom Hanks is not above taking direction on the film set.

Of course it helps when the director is five-time Oscar winner himself, Clint Eastwood.

The two screen legends were spotted on Wednesday on location for their latest film Sully, which tells the story of heroic Hudson River Crash pilot, Captain Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger.

Looking remarkably like the real deal, the scene appeared to call for the 59-year-old to jog along the East River, the body of water on the opposite side where he would make his amazing crash landing that saved all 155 of his passengers.

Dressed in black trainers and tracksuit bottoms with a navy zip-up fleece top, Tom sprinted along the waterfront plaza while the crew looked on.

Tom also had to dye his hair white for the role, which he recently spoke about to Yahoo!
'It’s very hard to dye my hair white, it turns out,' he said. 'It took a lot of time and eventually they had to stop doing it, because it was white enough, and the lady at the salon said, "Your scalp can’t take any more of this."'

Meanwhile, 85-year-old Eastwood, wearing a green parka and an FDNY baseball cap, silently stared at the monitors as his star got to work.

In 2009 the real Captain Sully averted tragedy when he made an un-powered crash landing after the plane's engines were hit by a flock of geese, in what was dubbed the Miracle on the Hudson.

Sullenberger and writer Jeffrey Zaslow retold the epic story in their book 'Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters', which Eastwood has adapted for the movie.

Captain Sullenberger, 64 - who retired in 2010 and now campaigns for flight safety - has previously said he is looking forward to seeing the film.

He said in a statement: 'I am very glad my story is in the hands of gifted storyteller and filmmaker Clint Eastwood, and veteran producers Allyn Stewart and Frank Marshall.'The project could not have found a better home than Warner Bros. Pictures. This is truly a dream team.' 

Laura Linney plays his wife Lorraine Sullenberger, while Aaron Eckhart stars as the fateful flight's co-pilot Jeff Skiles.At the time of the crash, Sully was hailed a hero not only for saving all 155 souls on board, but also the countless potential victims he spared by managing to steer away from the heavily populated Manhattan. He somehow guided the lifeless Airbus A320 past the packed George Washington Bridge, missing by just 900 feet.

After safely overseeing the evacuation of all his passengers - including a mother and baby - he walked the length of the downed jet twice to ensure no-one was left behind, before leaving last of all himself.

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