Saturday, 19 March 2016

Coogan's Bluff: The missing scene

Just been going through some files and found this transcript of the Coogan's Bluff deleted scene. It appears after the early bath tub scene when Coogan is told to report to the Sheriff's office where he receives his orders to pick up Ringerman from New York. I'm lucky to have a full print of Coogan's Bluff on 16mm which actually contains this scene. Unfortunately the scene has never been restored for any Home format, which is a great shame. It would of been nice to see Universal restore it for the Blu-ray release, or perhaps include it as a bonus feature...
The scene did appear on this French lobby Card
Scene: The sheriff’s office. The sheriff looks out the window, sees Coogan’s Jeep with the two bullet holes in the wind-shield, he can see Coogan coming his way. Coogan, outside the office door, knocks.

SHERIFF: Come in.

Coogan enters, wearing shades.

SHERIFF: Forty-seven minutes late.


SHERIFF: So you know what a new wind-shield costs? Installed? $44.50.

COOGAN as he takes off his shades: Is that what you want to ... talk to me about?

SHERIFF: Not quite.

He goes to desk, takes out papers.

SHERIFF: Governor’s warrant. Duplicate flight, duplicate record, James Ringerman.

COOGAN: Ringerman?

He takes the papers.

SHERIFF as he takes a cigar from a box on his desk and lights it: Remember Ringerman? Discharged soldier, stole a car down at Bisby? Armed robbery, service station? Picked up a little blonde some place. We found her dead, motel, busted neck. Apprehended November 3, escaped custody, November 9. Last fall. They picked him up in New York last week; they’re holding him for us. For you, that is.

COOGAN: Why me, sheriff?

SHERIFF: You’re the one who pinched him.

COOGAN: And you’re the one who lost him.

SHERIFF: Heffurnan lost him.

COOGAN: Well then, send Heffurnan.

SHERIFF: Are you telling me who to send?

COOGAN: I'm telling you that I was out there for three days.

SHERIFF: So? You had a nice, refreshing bath. Here’s the necessary information, where to go and who to see when you get there. Plus airline ticket vouchers. Get thrashing, Deputy.

COOGAN: What is it with me, sheriff?

SHERIFF: Well, let’s just say that I don’t like deputies who bust up my vehicles. You got a per diem in New York, I wanna see the bills. Any complaints?

COOGAN: No, no. I figure I came out ahead.

He helps himself to one of the sheriff’s cigars.

COOGAN exiting, smiling: You could have asked me to pay for the wind-shield.

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