Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Dead Pool closed set sign - in use

It’s always good to find a piece of provenance when it comes to Eastwood memorabilia, and as a few friends of mine know, I do dig deep when it comes to research. So I spent about an hour yesterday continuing on the (seemingly) never ending task of sorting out my features, cuttings and articles and came across a full page spread from The San Francisco Chronicle (dated Thursday March 10th 1988) which covered Eastwood shooting The Dead Pool back on location in the city. Looking at the pictures carefully, I happened to notice this one of 2 young fans outside of Eastwood’s trailer and spotted in the window the Warner Bros Dead Pool studio sign. It was great to finally see it (in use), as I had not seen any evidence of it before. I obtained one of these original studio signs many years ago along with a few others. It’s always nice to have these as they often have a different font or a totally different design concept, and of course, having pictures such as this always tends to make the smile stretch a little wider.   

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