Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Rare Eastwood Book for Fans

I was happy to receive a rather rare book from America this morning. With approx. 60 books on Eastwood in my collection, ‘Directed by Clint Eastwood: Eighteen Films Analyzed’ (Hardcover) by professor of film studies Laurence F. Knapp is a very hard book to find at a reasonable price. Published by McFarland & Co Inc (20 Feb. 1997) and at 216 pages, the book is now long out of print. However, Amazon (U.S.) does currently have 3 used copies (all in ‘Good’ condition) listed, but prices for these do range from £47.30 to £79.95 and are more likely to be withdrawn library copies. If anyone is interested, it might be worth keeping a check on this title, as I was lucky enough to pick this particular copy up for an incredible 47p!

I wasn’t expecting too much for that price of course, but I have to say, it’s all very clean with pages white, crisp and still tightly bound. I couldn’t believe it actually. It was an ex library book, as there were a few stickers on the back and front, all of which came off cleanly when handled with a bit of TLC. As far as I’m aware, I don’t believe this book ever came with a dust cover or illustrated jacket, I certainly have never been able to find an image for it anywhere on the internet (and believe me I’ve looked high and low) – it is always represented by a generic or standard book icon. The book itself is written in a scholarly style consisting of formal study and analytical research, so it’s not particularly heavy on photographic material – so just be aware. Nevertheless, I’m glad to have finally found one and looking forward to giving it a full read. So if interesting to anyone – take a tip and keep em peeled… 


Larry d said...

I've got several of these McFarland books, cinematic subjects. (wish I had this one!). Some of mine were brand new, and yes, never came with a dust jacket. Seem they were aimed for college studies. On another book subject-- I have Piedmont Jr-Sr High school yearbooks- 1943,44,45, and 1947. Does anybody know where Clint is in these? The 7th-8th grade photos are small and fuzzy, hard to tell. I think he might be in the 8th grade picture in the 1944 book, not really certain. Any ideas?

Clint's archive said...

Hello Larry and thank you for your comment. Thank you also for confirming that these books did not come with a dust cover, it's very useful information.
Unfortunately I'm quite unfamiliar with these wonderful yearbooks - although I have seen the very famous yearbook photo which is available try this link:
This is the senior yearbook photo from 1949.
If anyone should have any other information on Larry's request, please leave a comment here, I hope you get a response Larry, do let me know and keep me updated on any new information.