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Sully NYC and LA premieres September 6th and 8th 2016

The Hollywood Reporter, SEPTEMBER 06, 2016 4:42pm PT by Ashley Lee

'Sully' Premiere: Clint Eastwood Defends Scenes of Planes Crashing Into Manhattan Skyscrapers
Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Frank Marshall and more hit the buzzy NYC premiere of the film — out, coincidentally, on the Sept. 11 anniversary weekend. 

Just blocks away from the Hudson River, Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks and the cast of Sully touched down at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall for the Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow docudrama's New York premiere.

In the film, Hanks portrays Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, the American pilot who landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson in January 2009. "His reputation was at stake," the actor told The Hollywood Reporter. "This man had done his job perfectly for 4 million passengers, and, as he says in the movie, his entire career was going to be judged on 208 seconds, as opposed to the thousands and thousands of hours he did his job perfectly."

The big-screen retelling of the Miracle-on-the-Hudson includes sequences of planes crashing into Manhattan skyscrapers. "It's just a bad dream sequence, and what could have happened if he didn't make the right decision," explained Eastwood. "The spirit it gave back the city, even though it was a tragic loss of a plane, there was no tragic loss of life."

Screenwriter Todd Komarnicki further echoed that Sully's feat is "the inverted story of 9/11," and adding the sequences allows Americans "to reclaim that narrative. That narrative was laid on us by people who are enemies of our country; this is a story of heroism in New York City."

As far as the coincidental release of the film of the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, Komarnicki attributes it to box-office logistics. "It's totally coincidental because of limited Imax screens ... didn't have room in the summer and Christmas is all Star Wars. Very ironic."

Aaron Eckhart, Mike O'Malley, Frank Marshall and more celebrated the evening at Tavern on the Green with Rita Wilson, Alison Williams, Katie Couric and the plane's real-life crew, plus Sullenberger himself — sans white mustache, a look Wilson embraced on Hanks, her husband. "I considered him a blonde, and he was definitely having more fun!" she laughed.
Family affair! Clint Eastwood is every bit the proud papa as he is joined by children Scott and Francesca at LA premiere of Sully

He is an Oscar winning director and actor. But it looks like Clint Eastwood's favourite accomplishment is being a father. The 86-year-old Hollywood legend was joined by his son Scott and daughter Francesca at the Los Angeles premiere of Sully on Thursday night.  Clint, who directed the film, looked overjoyed to be joined by his 30-year-old son and 23-year-old daughter at the Directors Guild of America.

The Unforgiven actor even put his arm around his youngest child and flashed a smile at her as they posed for snaps on the red carpet. No doubt the proud father was happy to see his daughter as they greeted each other with a hug and a kiss upon her arrival. Clint looked dapper in a black suit over a light blue dress shirt and blue and silver striped tie. Francesca looked good in a silky black dress and an on-trend burgundy choker. Her raven-coloured tresses were worn down flowing over her shoulders as she sported natural, complimentary make-up on her face.

Scott looked handsome in a denim button-down top with black jeans as his locks were combed to the side and had a bit of scruff on his face. The Suicide Squad actor recently gushed about his legendary father for their September cover of Esquire magazine. Scott said: 'My father’s definitely old-school. And he raised me with integrity—to be places on time, show up and work hard.'

As Clint has had a successful transition from actor to director, Scott has expressed interest in doing the same thing as he said: 'Like he says, its feast or famine for an actor. 'If you’re not creating your own material, then you’re just fighting for whatever’s out there. I definitely have the desire to go to the other side.'

In Clint's most recent project, he takes on the true-to-life story of pilot Chesley Sullenberger who became an instant hero after gliding a commercial plane into the Hudson River therefore saving over 150 crew and passengers. Tom Hanks is the lead actor in the flick as he takes on the role of the pilot nicknamed Sully with Aaron Eckhart playing co-pilot Jeff Skiles.
Sully is set for release in the US on Friday with a UK release on 2 December.

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