Saturday, 3 March 2018

Cook like Clint – 1970 style!

Well, would you believe it, exactly 1 year ago to the day I posted a fun little piece from 1969, which was one of Clint’s recipes. Out of pure coincidence I last night found another recipe from Clint, from the following year 1970. It’s so strange how these things sometimes work out…
So, this recipe appeared in a book called Cookbook of the Stars, published by Anderson, Ritchie & Simon and compiled by the Motion Picture Mothers, Inc.; 1st Edition, Hardback (1970). The Motion Picture Mother's Club was formed in 1930, as a small social group. It became an incorporated club, limited to one-hundred members, with "charity" within the industry as the chief purpose. The profits from the sale of this cookbook went into the Motion Picture & Television Relief Fund.

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