Monday, 7 May 2018

Augusta possible site for Clint Eastwood's movie ‘The Mule’

Well it certainly looks as if The Mule is more than likely to become Clint’s next movie. A couple of news stories have surfaced in the last few day, as well as some hard proof evidence from the scouting team working on Clint’s behalf.
Augusta is in the running as the site location for a major motion picture Clint Eastwood is directing, producing and starring in.
Brad Owens, president of the Augusta Regional Film Office, confirmed Wednesday that flyers circulating around town (left) about the movie are legitimate. Augusta is being scouted as the site for the Warner Bros. movie “The Mule”. Given the level of interest, Owens said he is optimistic Augusta will be the front runner. “It’s a fantastic opportunity and it’s what we have been working toward,” Owens said. If fortunate enough to land the production, Owens said his office will do everything possible to make sure the filming is successful. The movie is about Leo Sharp, who in 2011 at the age of 87 was caught on Interstate 94 in Michigan with 104 kilograms of cocaine, according to news accounts. Sharp admitted to making seven trips from Mexico to Detroit for El Chapo’s drug cartel. Sharp was a World War II veteran and a world renowned daylily expert who had never been arrested before. He was sentenced to three years in prison in 2014, but released in 2015 because he was terminally ill. He died in December 2016. According to Commissioner Sean Frantom, filming is to begin June 4. 

CSRA News Channel 6 also ran with the story
Legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood is looking to continue his filmmaking career in Augusta. Production crews are already scouting locations around town including homes in between Central Avenue and Wrightsboro Road for Eastwood’s new move called The Mule
Jennifer Bowen  of the  Convention and Visitors Bureau,  serves as Augusta's Film Liaison, and says the upcoming  shoot is something she can-not  comment on at this time. 
"We have to honor some confidentiality in order to bring them here, we have to honour their requests they're very sensitive in the film industry that word of mouth travels very fast, and so it's important that we maintain a real good relationship with specific projects so they'll continue to consider Augusta," said Bowen.
The Georgia Film Office said it has no information on the movie but neighbours where advance teams have scouted say filming should begin in June.

…and of course, all things considered - Augusta National Golf Club isn’t a bad little place for Clint to spend time between filming!  

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