Monday, 28 May 2018

Mystery photo of Clint in Milan circa 1970's

A good friend of the Archive, Steve Saragossi made my day a lot brighter this morning by supplying me with this fantastic image of Clint. I have to confess, I’d never seen this photo before. As Steve correctly pointed out, looking at Clint’s hair it does look like circa 71. For me, the jacket looks as if Clint had walked straight off the set of Play Misty for Me. So in terms of date we must be in the right area. Digging a little deeper into the mystery, I managed to establish Clint is pictured here in front of Milan Cathedral. After further investigation I discovered that the photo was taken (and previously exhibited) by Mimmo Dabbrescia.
Born in 1953, Dabbrescia spent his childhood in Barletta.  At the age of 15, he moved with his family to Milan. He almost immediately started working as a photographer's apprentice, collaborating also with the News Blitz agency. During the 60s he worked with the major Italian record companies (CBS, CGD, Ricordi ) and photographed singers, musicians and film stars from the Beatles, Joe Cocker and Clint Eastwood to Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.
However, while establishing where the photo was taken and who took it, it remains a mystery as to what Clint was doing there at this particular time. Perhaps it was a tour to publicise a film, or simply a vacation trip? If anyone can shed any light on this story, please contact me through the comment section In the meantime, and with thanks to Steve, enjoy this great photo.

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