Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Rare Magnum Force Christmas Teaser poster

Yesterday the incredibly Rare Magnum Force Christmas Teaser poster (40" x 60") sold in an auction for an amazing $7,350. Information from the auction house stated:
The design as it appeared in the pages of Variety
Most 40x60s from this period were printed on a heavy stock and usually only sent to theatres rolled. However, the studios would also sometimes make special 40x60s that were created on a somewhat thinner paper and were folded when they were created. 
We can't say for certain that this poster was sent to theatres folded, because we have never auctioned it before, but given that it is printed on a "one-sheet-like" paper, and given that it has a teaser tagline ("You get it for Christmas!"), we think that is very likely that it was only sent to theatres folded. As noted above, we have never auctioned this poster before, and it is likely the rarest poster from Magnum Force (and if not, it is certainly one of the most rare!). 
It has a completely different image from any other Magnum Force poster (which was an unusual ad campaign, because they did a different poster for virtually every poster size, something that was common in the 1930s, but almost unheard of in the 1970s)! 
The "regular" style 40x60 is itself a very rare poster. We have only auctioned two examples of it, 8 years ago and 9 years ago, and those sold for $3,100 and $3,900!
Overall Condition: good to very good. The poster has a thin area of paper loss in the top blank border (only blank paper was affected).

There are some small tears and stains in the bottom of the bottom blank border (see our image). The poster has a 1/2" tear extending from the small paper loss at top centre, and someone put a small piece of tape on the back of that area, but otherwise, the poster has had no restoration.
Whilst I know the winner (who is a friend of the Archive), I am respectfully keeping the person’s name anonymous – except to say congratulations my friend, a hard fought battle which has seen it go to a very good home. I also did not want to publicise this auction until it had finished.
I have posted a picture of the poster below and a digitally restored version to provide an idea of how it would of looked back in its day or should the poster be fully restored today. 
Either way, it’s an absolute beauty.

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