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Hang em High 1967

After a gang of men unsuccessfully attempts to lynch him for a cattle rustling crime he did not commit, Jed Cooper (Clint Eastwood) is saved by marshal Dave Bliss (Ben Johnson) and judge Adam Fenton (Pat Hingle). The lawmen offer him a job as a federal marshal with the caveat that he not abuse his new power to seek revenge against his tormentors. But, when Cooper finds that some of the men who attacked him are involved in another set of crimes, he fights to bring them to justice.

Below: How Hang em High may have opened when seen in UK cinemas with its original X certificate

Below: Hang em High 1967 Clint Eastwood Pat Hingle Original UK QUAD poster 30 x 40

(Click below to view the Original trailer)
Hang em High / Guns for San Sebastian Soundtrack Dominique Frontiere

Hang em High / Scalphunters / The Way West Full Clint photo Sleeve Vinyl LP

Hang em High 1967 Clint Eastwood Pat Hingle Original German A1 poster x 2

Hang em High 1967 Clint Eastwood Original Swedish Insert poster

Hang em High 1967 Original Spanish film Herald
Hang em High 1967 Colour Mounted Slide x 1
Hang em High 1967 Dominic Frontiere Soundtrack albums, the original issue on United Artists and the UK Re-issue on MCA

Hang em High 1967 Original French press book

Hang em High 1967 Hang em High theme / Rachel (love theme) from MGM promo CD
Hang em High 1967 Original set of US advance production notes from United Artists
Hang em High 1967 Original set of Synopsis notes from United Artists
Hang em High 1967 Original Lobby set x 8 German

Hang em High 1967 Original Lobby set x 8 UK FOH stills

Hang em High 1967 Original Lobby sets A and B x 16 French colour Lobby sets
Hang em High 1967 Original Swedish film program

Hang em High 1967 Original U.S. Film Tie in Paperback (Very Rare)

Hang em High 1967 Original German film program

Hang em High 1967 Original Radio Spots (on Vinyl) 60, 30, 30, 10 secs

Hang em High 1967 Original French Hugo Montenegro Vinyl 45 in super picture sleeve

Hang em High 1968 Original Australian EP Hugo Montenegro Vinyl 45 in super picture sleeve
Hang em High 1967 10 x 8 Press Stills b/w x 53 + 12 Colour

Hang em High 1967 UK Original press book, fully illustrated
Hang em High Commercial poster and Postcard

Hang em High 1967 DVD Widescreen with Original Trailer

Below: The latest release of Dominic Frontiere's score was released by La La Land records and doubled up with his score from The Aviator. While very nicely packaged, there was no additional music included.

Hang em High 1967 very rare unreleased Soundtrack CD Acetate
Hang em High 1967 Blu-ray release
Below: 2" Badge featuring Clint from Hang em high

Some great examples of wonderful pictures collected from around the world:

Hang em High was promoted rather generously, United Artists' campaign starts here with the Hang em High U.S. 1 sheet poster

Hang em High U.S Half Sheet Poster

Hang em High U.S. 3 Sheet Poster

Hang em High U.S. 40 x 60 Poster

Hang em High U.S. 6 Sheet Poster Size 81 x 81

Hang em High U.S. Widow Card

Hang em High U.S. Lobby Card set

Hang em High Close up example of the U.S. Lobby

Below: Original Hang em High stationary from U/A
Below: Hang em High US Pressbook
Hang em High The stunning Italian 2 - Folio Poster

Hang em High A Large Italian Fotobusta 
Hang em High The Italian Locandina Poster adopted the U.S. style artwork

Hang em High The very rare Japanese B2 Poster

Hang em High The very rare Japanese door panel style STB (20 X 57)
Hang em High Here's a beautiful Begium Poster with stunning detailed artwork

Hang em High The Australian One Sheet poster
Hang em High The Australian Daybill Poster

Hang em High Australian Re-Release Daybill Posters

Below: Australian Daybill featuring Hang em High among an Eastwood western festival 
Below: Here's a rare Newspaper ad which appears to be promoting the same festival at a Drive-in Theatre - it is believed to date from 1970
Hang em High Rare Australian Glass Slide
Below: Hang em High Original French Poster release

Below: In 1968 U/A teamed up Bond and Eastwood again, this time From Russia with Love and Hang em High as shown here in this beautiful UK Quad poster
Below: Here's an alternative German poster for Hang em High

Below: Hang em High Original British Double Crown poster
Below: Hang 'Em High (United Artists, R-1970s). Italian 4 - Folio
Below: Hang em High Swedish One Sheet poster
Hang em High Original Thai Poster
Hang em High Original Spanish One Sheet Poster
Hang em High Original Finnish Poster
Hang em High Original Swedish Stolpe Poster
Hang em High Original Yugoslavian Poster
Here's a very Rare 7" 45rpm from Germany which features the theme from Hang em High, the great Picture sleeve naturally features a still from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! Just to confuse things of course!
Cat No: Liberty 15137A

Below: The U.S. Laserdisc (Full Screen) edition

Below: Here are 2 editions of Hang em High on the RCA CED home video Format Front and Back

Original Reviews
Title: Hang 'Em High
Running Time: 114 Minutes
Status: Released
Country: United States
Genre: Western
Ex-lawman turned rancher Jed Cooper (Clint Eastwood) is moving a small herd of cattle when a group of nine men on horseback, led by Captain Wilson (Ed Begley Sr.), ride up and accuse him of having stolen the cattle and killed their owner. Refusing to believe his account, they string him up by the neck and leave him for dead, but they don't do the job right. Cooper is dangling there, barely alive, a few minutes later when Deputy U.S. Marshal Bliss (Ben Johnson) spots him and cuts him down.
He survives the next few days in Bliss' tumbleweed wagon with the other prisoners, and is later cleared of any wrongdoing and released by Judge Fenton (Pat Hingle), just in time to witness the hanging of the man who really murdered the owner of the cattle and took Cooper's money. Cooper still wants revenge on the nine men who tried to hang him, but Fenton insists that he leave the bringing of them to justice to his deputy marshals. As it happens, Fenton is in desperate need of deputy marshals for the territory that he oversees, and he also knows that Cooper was a good lawman. Cooper, in turn, is now broke and in need of a job, and does want to see justice done.
They strike an uneasy bargain, Cooper agreeing to wear a badge and bring in the men he's looking for -- alive -- for trial. The latter proves easier said than done, however, when the first of them that he spots tries to draw on him when he makes the arrest. One of the hanging party, Jenkins (Bob Steele), soon turns himself in and provides the names of the others. Cooper takes Stone (Alan Hale Jr.) alive, but the hapless blacksmith is later shot by the local sheriff (Charles McGraw) while trying to escape.
The other men, led by Wilson, have no intention of dying, or even being brought to trial, without a fight. Two of them go on the run out of the territory, while Wilson and two of the others decide to take the law into their own hands once again. Meanwhile, Cooper becomes a hero when he single-handedly brings back a trio of rustlers who are also guilty of murder. This leads to Cooper's first confrontation with Judge Fenton, who, in a gripping scene, explains why it is essential that he be as seemingly quick to hang a man as he is.
Unless the people are convinced that the law will do its job -- including hanging men who deserve it -- they will keep taking the law into their own hands and there will be more lynch mobs like the one that tried to kill Cooper. In the course of his quest for justice, Cooper also makes the acquaintance of Rachel (Inger Stevens), a young woman with her own search for justice, haunted by her own ghosts, and the two of them are drawn together, no more so than when Wilson and two of the others try to gun Cooper down in cold blood. The final confrontation between Cooper and Wilson escalates in violence to its savage, irony-laced conclusion. ~
Bruce Eder, All Movie Guide

Director - Ted Post
Screenplay - Leonard Freeman
Screenplay - Mel Goldberg
Producer - Leonard Freeman
Actor - Clint Eastwood
Actor - Inger Stevens
Actor - Ed Begley
Actor - Pat Hingle
Actor - Arlene Golonka
Actor - James MacArthur

Company Information
United Artists Films
Leonard Freeman-Malpaso Productions
Looks like the wrap party is about to begin
Below: Original sheet music for the music from Hang em' high
Below: An original contact sheet featuring Clint with actress Inger Stevens
Below: 3 shots of Inger Stevens on set during Hang em high
Below: Inger Stevens publicity shot for Hang em high
Below: A nice shot of Ben Johnson taken on location during Hang 'em high
Below: An original newspaper ad block for Hang 'em high
Below: Here's 3 new shots from Hang 'em high that I had not seen before
Below: A couple of nice candid photos taken while shooting on Hang 'em high
Below: A very rare and hard to find French 7" single Hang em High 38222 UAF
Below: Hang 'em high photoshoot from the German magazine Bravo
Below: An alternative pose of Arlene Golonka to the one which was used in the French Lobby set
Below: Original soundtrack re-release on MCA Audio cassette from the 1980's 
Below: Filming Hang em high can be tiring work
Below: Some publicity shots of Arlene Golonka 
Below: Pat Hingle as judge Adam Fenton


Dougtheman said...

Really a great film. The bedroom scene from the contact sheet with Clint and Inger didn't make it into the final film. Too bad, Inger Stevens was such a beauty. I think had she lived she would have been big in the 70s...

Clint's archive said...

Hi Dougheman,
Yes, I agree completely. Her career was certainly on the rise, and things were looking good for her as she entered the 1970s. It was such a tragic loss.
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