Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The Witches 1967

Le Streghe (also known as Les Sorcières, Hexen von Heute or The Witches) is a film produced by Dino De Laurentiis in 1965 and released in 1967. It consists of 5 short stories, directed by Franco Rossi, Luchino Visconti, Mauro Bolognini, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Vittorio De Sica. Each story is about witches and features the beautiful Silvana Mangano.
This is one of De Laurentiis' more eclectic films.
Clint makes an appearance in the final story (A night like any other). The film runs for 2 hours 1 minute.

To View the entire story segment featuring Clint, click below. Running for some 20 minutes, the story is split over 2 parts. It's without doubt one of the strangest films you will ever see Clint in.
The Witches 1967 Lobby Stills x 3 German colour (diff set diff shots all feature Clint)

The Witches 1967 Lobby Stills x 5 German colour (all feature Clint)

The Witches 1967 Original 7” single of main theme by Ennio Morricone Rare with picture sleeve featuring Clint

The Reverse of the 7" vinyl cover

The Witches 1967 10 x 8 Press stills x 15 b/w

Below: I cheated a little here, Hi res scan of the top German Lobby card (scanned in b/w) makes for a much better press still, rather than the hand painted style of the lobby.

The Witches 1967 Original Swedish film Program

Here's some great rare publicity shots taken of Clint for The Witches

The Witches 1967 Original soundtrack released in a limited quantity of 500 from Digitmovies of Italy
Some other material from around the world:
Below: The U.S. 1 sheet poster

Below: The French release poster

Below: The Witches Original German film poster
Below: The Witches 2 Japanese posters
Below: Italian release poster from November 1966

Below: An example of a French Lobby still
Below: An Italian fotobusta for The Witches
Below: The U.S. DVDr release from MGM Archive collection
Below: The UK Blu-ray release from Arrow Academy
Below: More stills from The Witches
 Below: An Original advertisement for The Witches

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