Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Jamie Cullum meets Clint Eastwood Q Magazine Feb 2009

Here are a wonderful set of photos by Robert Gallagher for the Feb 2009 issue of Q magazine. Cullum recetly featured on the soundtrack to Clint's latest film Gran Torino. These stunning photos show Clint in an incredibly relaxed mood and happy to be in the company of a fello Jazz fan.


Elisabeth said...

I've really enjoyed browsing through your site -- great pictures. :) Please keep up the good work!

Clint's archive said...

Thank you so much Elisabeth, that's realy sweet of you, and really appreciate the comment, stay tuned as there is an absolute ton of material to post (which will take me years!) Stop by and say Hi anytime.


I'm a massive Eastwood fan and love your blog. But more regular posts please. If you want a guest blogger I'd love to review some of the Eastwood classics for you.

Clint's archive said...

Hello Archavist, and that is very good of you my friend and would welcome any reviews which would fit nicely into the CEA, as for posting, the problem is really 2 fold, firstly, I have a major problem regarding RAM on my PC, I have got to update it at some point to 1G, which is going to cost me around £40 (money I just don't have at the moment) but it is causing a major problem, with the internet crashing etc, I worked for 2 hours last week updating the 2 mules section, then the PC crashed which resulted in me losing all of the work, which is most frustrating to say the least.. secondly It is the time for scanning all of the collection to start filling each of the film sections, a real nightmare. But your message did prompt me into creating 2 new sections last night, Awards and Oscars, again I just launched the 2 new sections with material I had on the PC already, but there is a hell of a lot more to add, not only to these 2 new sections but every other one as well! But please, feel free to send me anything via the email provided and I will place it here for you, thank you again for your support it is truley welcome and so much appreciated, from one Eastwood fan to another. We're a small but unique breed.
The Clint Eastwood Archive

Rob said...

This looks to me by far the best Eastwood site on the net with a lovely 'personal touch.' I've greatly enjoyed looking round the various sections. Back in the late 70's I used to collect newspaper clippings & interviews with Clint. I ended up with quite a collection & still have the folder somewhere. After perusing your site it reminds me I must dig it out & take a look. :-)

Anyway great work & I look forward to seeing more updates. If I can make a request; there have been some marvellous Oscar season trade ads in the likes of Variety over the years, including, unless I'm mistaken, an ad that pushed Clint as a Best Actor contender for .. Firefox!

Would be great to see this & others if you have them in your collection.

Clint's archive said...

Hello Rob, can I firstly thank you for a wonderful post, music to my ears! And I must be doing something right, as giving it a 'personal touch' was my main intended goal.
So good to hear you have such a collection, I also have 1000's of cuttings and articles back from those wonderful 70's days (from both the US and UK) and fully intend getting them all up on the Archive at some point and which was the whole concept behind calling it an 'Archive' It would be wonderful to see what is in that folder of yours and if interested maybe we could get some of your material (if I have not already got it covered) up here on the site, fully credited to you of course, please feel free to contact me at the email address on the far right border of the site and thanks again for your wonderful comments that are so very much appreciated.
The Clint Eastwood Archive

Rob said...

Hi again!

Thanks for the reply & sure, you'd be welcome to have a look through my collection of Clint clippings although I doubt there'd be anything there that a serious collector like yourself would not already have. My collection is in storage so I'll have to go & dig it out but I'll let you know when I do.

Some memories from my little collection; an old NME review of The Gauntlet from 1977 which I haven't seen in decades but I can still remember the opening line which read something like 'At 47 Clint Eastwood still looks good in a torn t-shirt ..', a pic of Clint receiving a Daily Express (or D Mail?) award for Every Which Way But Loose being such a big hit with younger viewers & Clint saying 'I would like to thank the Daily Express for this marvelous trophy. It is good to know you can span the generations'!

I think most of my stuff is feom that late 70's period. Being in my mid-40's now I guess that was when many of us UK fans of comparable age first got into Clint.

I've been trying to remember what it was I first saw & I have a feeling it must have been a combination of that BBC Eastwood documentary with the 'Look Eastwood' Radio Times cover/feature, & the 1977 BBC showings of Fistful of Dollars & High Plains Drifter.

Correct me if I'm wrong but aside from any language cuts weren't both of those left alone violence wise?

The BBC always had this incredibly frustrating attitude to film violence in that they'd show something uncut the first time & then trim it on subsequent showings claiming they'd had complaints or second thoughts (To The Devil A Daughter also suffered this fate as I recall).

I know A Fistful of Dollars suffered from this because I saw it a number of times over the years & even into the late 1980's Eastwood's beating was always shortened & yet I'm positive the first time I saw it it was uncut. That was 1977 wasn't it?

Admittedly I'm not 100% sure of my years (we are talking over three decades ago) but I do vividly remember the excitement with which me & some friends discussed High Plains Drifter at school the next day. And going out to buy those Dollar series paperbacks with the nicely drawn cover art. And then from there progressing to the Dirty Harry novelizations. Ah, happy memories!

cheers mate,


Clint's archive said...

Hi Rob, thanks for getting back, very interesting comments and you are exactly the kind of person I was hoping to attract to these parts as your memories are still obviously as treasured as those of my own. Clint receiving a Daily Express (or D Mail?) award for Every Which Way But Loose being such a big hit with younger viewers & Clint saying 'I would like to thank the Daily Express for this marvelous trophy. It is good to know you can span the generations'! Now that is something I don't think I have any reference to, there will always be something Rob!
I am 45 years old myself Rob, so guess we also share a lot of those memories. I remember the 'Man with No Name' Doc very well in deed, in fact, I'm lucky enough to own an archival copy on DVD and will post the custom covers I made up for it here soon.
I also have a couple of copies of the Radio Times mag (Feb 1977 as I recall)which featured Clint on the cover, will also scan and post this in the Magazine covers section of this site. What a great time that was and I think the real point that turned me into an Eastwood fan and from there, never really looked back.
Ref: to TV cuts, I think that cuts were made originally on the BBC screening of FOD, specifically, the beating as you mentioned but I think more so in the Baxter slaughter sequence?
High Plains Drifter I think may have been shown pretty much in tact, but I can't be 100% sure.
Yes, I'm sure we both share the same collections when it comes to those paperback novels and tie-ins! Wonderful additions to the collection, must get all the paperbacks scanned too! Jes, this will take forever at this rate! LOL, still I'll enjoy every minute of it. Look forward to seeing what you have Rob and adding it to the Archive, no rush at all of course, I think I can find a few things to add in between time ;-)

Come back soon mate,
The Clint Eastwood Archive