Thursday 26 February 2009

Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry Xbox360 Game...

It seems like things are still stagnant as far as the promised Dirty Harry PS3 and Xbox360 games are concerned. The game was announced back in 2005 by Warner Bros Interactive and was going to be based firmly on the Dirty Harry films. 2 years later it was in the hands of Silent Hill Homecoming developer and was then announced as canned!
Warner did announce that they were still going to release the game under another developer.
We can only still hope that the game will eventually reach the stores, as far as I have heard, the gamers are still crying out for this game, especially with Clint's direct involvement, such as the voice.
Luckily we still also have the original advance game trailer (which is GREAT!) and cleverly uses lines from the original films
'Is that tan ford.....' from Dirty Harry
'I am the Police' from Magnum Force
'Yeeeah' from The Enforcer
It's great to also hear the fantastic original score from Lalo Schifrin which really brings the trailer together nicely..Check it out Below.

COME ON GUYS, lets get this game out there and cooking!

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