Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Rare TV Shows

This section of the archive features many rare TV shows, Documentaries and clips. A great deal of these shows are unavailable on DVD or Blu-ray. My sincere thanks go to Dave Turner, David Vernall-Downes and Jonathan Downes. 

Arena Clint Director 2-12-1988
Edinburgh Nights - White Hunter Black Heart Aug 1990 - short excerpt
Wogan 18-01-1991
 The Man From Malpaso 1993
Viva Leone! 24-12-1989
Oprah Chats With Clint Eastwood Part 1 1997
Oprah Chats With Clint Eastwood Part 2 1997
Larry King 10th June 1995
Clint Eastwood American Film Institute award 1996
Clint Eastwood on Parkinson 2003
Below: Clint talks about Mystic River on Film 2003
Below: The South Bank Show interview 10th Sept 1995

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