Saturday, 14 June 2014

Clint Eastwood Documentaries

Just wanted to start this new ongoing section, here I will feature the many documentaries on Clint that have appeared on VHS, DVD and Blu Ray.

The Directors: Clint Eastwood (2000)

Directors: Clint Eastwood profiles the acclaimed actor, director, and Hollywood icon. Eastwood has entertained generations of people, moving successfully back and forth between acting and directing. Here, Eastwood discusses his more commercial directing projects, such as Unforgiven, The Bridges of Madison County, Absolute Power, and True Crime. Actors interviewed share one sentiment: when Eastwood requests their presence, they rarely refuse. The American Film Institute program, directed by Robert J. Emery, features interviews with Morgan Freeman, Laura Dern, Geoffrey Lewis, Donna Mills, Meryl Streep, and Ed Harris. The video serves as a good introduction to Eastwood's work for those unfamiliar and covers a lot of ground in one hour. ~ Betsy Boyd

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