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Eastwood Cinema Marquee photos!

Recently my friend Davy Triumph sent me these 2 great Cinema marquee photos, the first is from the Pavilion in Piccadilly Circus 1969 when it was showing the 'Dollar' double Bill Fistful of Dollars / For a Few Dollars More. The second photo is also the Pavilion in Piccadilly Circus 1971 when United Artist pulled together both of their franchises - 007 James Bond and The Man with No Name to present Goldfinger and For a Few Dollars More. It was something of a curious pairing considering For a Few Dollars More was an X cert, it meant that you had to be 18 or over in order to see the Bond film...
Below: Here's the Double Bill UK Quad for the Goldfinger / For a Few Dollars More release. A big thank you to Dave Worrall for supplying this image.
Below: A Fistful of Dollars and You Only Live Twice being released as another U/A double bill feature at the Bournemouth Odeon 1971
Looking at these wonderful photos prompted me to raid my archives, I knew I had some photos stored away somewhere - so I was glad I managed to find them. Below are a number of Eastwood marquee fronts from around the UK, I have added information where I can. Of course I would love to add more, so please - if you have any in your files, feel free to forward me a copy and I will post it here. In the meantime - enjoy these trips down memory lane....
Below: Dirty Harry US Theatre display for première
Escape from Alcatraz showing at the Embassy Crawley 1979
Every which way but Loose showing at ABC Beckenham 1978
High Plains Drifter coming soon to the ABC Stevenage 1973
High Plains Drifter showing at ABC Mile End 1973
Jaws and Josey Wales showing in 1976
Joe kidd showing at ABC Ilford 1972
Kelly's Heroes showing at ABC Bath  1970
Kelly's Heroes showing at ABC Leicester 1970
Kelly's Heroes showing at ABC Staines 1970
Magnum Force showing at ABC Middlesborough 1974
Paint Your Wagon showing at ABC Bournemouth 1970
Paint Your Wagon showing at ABC Bristol 1972
Paint your Wagon showing at ABC Leeds 1973
Pale Rider showing at the Odean Rayners Lane 1985
The Dead Pool showing at the Cannon Ealing
The Enforcer showing at ABC Plymouth 1976
The Gauntlet showing at ABC Rochdale 1978
The Outlaw Josey Wales showing at the ABC Wakefield 1976
Where Eagles Dare ABC Oxford 1970
Where Eagles Dare showing at ABC Bayswater 1970
Where Eagles Dare showing at The Gaumont Notting Hill
Where Eagles Dare showing at The Odeon Haverstock
Here is a friend Neil Thompson outside the Queens Cinerama Theatre in Newcastle Upon Tyne, 1970. He started work here as a Junior Projectionist in 1974... (Made redundant in 2014, after forty years in the business) Where Eagles Dare ran for 29 Weeks from July 1969, joint forth longest-run in Newcastle cinema history... A great picture!
Below: And here is Neil at the Queens Cinerama Theatre, Newcastle 1977… and that beautiful 70mm Screen (size 73` x 31`) where he saw Where Eagles Dare, Neil said, ‘Where Eagles Dare showing on this size screen was awesome... together with Ron Goodwin`s unforgettable music score, it sent shivers down my back... I`m glad I was part of it all.’
Many thanks for the pictures Neil!
My mate Davy Triumph sent me a couple more photos this morning, check out this Firefox display! The perfect example of how to sell a film back in the day! Love it!
And another great picture featuring the Sudden Impact quad poster in the lobby of a Cumbernauld Cinema in 1984 - great stuff!
Below: A wonderful rare shot from a 35mm tourist slide which appeared recently on Ebay. A lot of reconstruction and restoration work was required as it had a rather heavy watermark across the cast credits and part of Clint's face. However, it is such a beautiful photo (taken in Madrid, Spain 1972) that it was worth the effort to try and present it close to it's original state. My thanks to Davy Triumph for bringing this photo to my attention. 
Below: The Outlaw Josey Wales showing at the Warner West End in London, what a great line up of films
Below: In 1968 Hang em' High was shown at the Lensic, Santa Fe, Mexico (complete with hanging dummies and a missing 'A') The movie was filmed West of Santa Fe, on location.
Below: The Outlaw Josey Wales - The Whisky A Go Go 1976
Below: A super shot of Thunderbolt and Lightfoot while being shown at the Capitol Cinema on Gran Via Avenue, Madrid, Spain.
Below: Joe Kidd, showing in Manchester 1971
Below: Joe Kidd showing alongside Hitchcock's Frenzy - venue unknown
Below: The Rio, Toronto, Canada showing the first four Dirty Harry movies
Below: From more recent times, a couple of displays for Sully
Below: Gran Torino, Washoe Theater Marquis  

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