Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot 1974 (FILMING LOCATIONS) Clint Eastwood Jeff Bridges

Thanks to my friend Davy Triumph for bringing this one to my attention. I love these 'now and then' comparison shorts and have a great deal of respect for Herve Attia who put this together. They're real labours of love. It's great to look back at these locations, and in the case of Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, which has to be remembered, was filmed some 40 years - reveals that not much has changed. The film was shot in 47 days from July to September 1973. It was filmed in Fort Benton, Wolf Creek, Great Falls, and Hobson. St. John's Lutheran Church in Hobson was used for the opening scene.
Eastwood did not like to do any more than three takes on any given shot, according to co-star Bridges. 
‘I would always go to Mike (Michael Cimino) and say “I think I can do one more. I got an idea.” And Mike would say “I gotta ask Clint.” Clint would say, “Give the kid a shot.”’
Charles Okun, first assistant director on Thunderbolt, added, ‘Clint was the only guy that ever said 'no'. Michael said “OK, let's go for another take.”  
‘It was take four, Clint would say “No we got enough. We got it.”  ‘And if Cimino took too long to get it ready, Clint would say, “It's good, let's go.” 
Keep following those Eastwood Locations Herve.

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