Sunday, 9 October 2016

Clint visits Cardiff Wales 1967

It's fairly well known among UK based Eastwood fans that Clint first visited the UK in June 1967. The trip was in order to promote Fistful of Dollars. Most are familiar with the photos of Clint at Heathrow airport along with the U/A girls clad in cowboy hats and ponchos. Other well known photos include those taken in Birmingham and the short filmed interview with Clint conducted by a very young John Humphreys. However, a friend of mine who lives in south Wales contacted me this weekend with this wonderful photo of both Clint and Maggie Eastwood at Cardiff central railway station to attend a special press showing of Fistful of Dollars in June 1967. It's the first time I have ever seen a photo of Clint in Wales during this whirlwind tour of the UK, I'd love to know if Clint visited any other places during this UK trip, I'm continuously amazed at what turns up. A Big thank you to Jayne Smart. 

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