Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Eiger Sanction Rare photo collection

As part of our Eiger retrospective for September, I thought it would be the ideal time to post these 11 wonderful photos that I’ve had on file for some time. 

The Photo shoot features Clint (and James Fargo as first assistant director) during the filming of The Eiger Sanction in Zurich, Switzerland. The photos were taken by Beat Albrecht during the September of 1974. 

After five weeks on the Eiger, the production unit travelled to Zurich to film the opening scenes of the film around the area of the Grossmünster cathedral and the Limmat river, the Münsterbrücke bridge, the Café Bauschänzli, the Kirchgasse, the Napfgasse, and the Restaurant Karl der Grosse. 

Also included (left), is a rare shot of Clint with the real owners of the Hotel Bellevue des Alpes at Kleine Scheidegg. The Hotel was featured in the movie as the base for Hemlock where he meets the other members of the climbing party. 


James Elliott said...

Thanks Darren, a real treat to see these rare photos...can't believe how pristine they are!

Clint's archive said...

Hey James! You are very welcome my friend, thanks for the comment, glad someone out there is enjoying them, keep the faith brother :-)

Christoph Schneider said...

Dear makers of The Clint Eastwood Archive
By accident I realized that Clint Eastwood made this movie in Zurich: What a beautiful and amazing Surprise - I am was nearly speachless, and so is our staff. I run the "Karl der Grosse" in Zurich and I am wondering if you have the Pictures from this blogpost in higher Resolution.

Do you think you could help us?

Very kind regards

Clint's archive said...

Hello Christoph, how good to know you are out there and run the hotel. All of the photos uploaded to this section of the Archive are in their original highest res. I think the shot of Clint and the original hotel owners is 1049 x 1358 (which is quite a good size actually). The rest of the rare colour shots are also in their original res, 1583 x 1600 which is again a good size. If you ever find anything locally which ties in to the production please do let me know. Hope this helps, regards to everyone at the Karl der Grosse!
The Clint Eastwood Archive.
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