Wednesday 13 September 2017

Stunning Eiger Sanction poster for the Mendi Film Festival 2014

Some time ago on The Eiger Sanction page, I featured this beautiful poster which was produced for the 2014 Mendi Film Festival in Bilbao. Subsequently, I was very fortunate to link up with founder and director of the festival, Jabier Baraiazarra – who today I’m very happy to call a friend. 

The whole concept behind the poster is an interesting one. The photo originally came to Jabier’s attention through the cover shot of Alpinist magazine issue 41 from winter 2012. The breath taking photo was taken by Hamish MacInnes OBE, a Scottish mountaineer, mountain search and rescuer, author and adviser. 

He has been involved with a number of films, as climber, climbing double and safety officer, which of course included Eastwood’s The Eiger Sanction (1975) and Roland JoffĂ©’s The Mission (1986). The photo was an obvious choice for Jabier who managed to track down and contact MacInnes in order to obtain permission and using it as the prominent image of the 2014 festival.  

The Bilbao Mendi Film Festival has become one of the best mountain and adventure film festivals around the world. The best filmmakers of the genre offer an unprecedented insight into mythical scenarios for mountaineering and adventure from the Alps to Himalaya, to the South Pole, Patagonia, Karakoram mountains, Greenland, the jungles of Mexico, Venezuela, the Andes, Borneo, and the Grand Canyon.
Furthermore, Mendi Film Festival also offers an extensive programme of activities, including the presence of directors and athletes who provide the direct testimony of their experience. It is well worth checking out their site HERE.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank Jabier for his generosity and kindness. I was absolutely thrilled when a tube turned up at the door this week and completely bowled over when I opened it. Thank you so much my friend. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am when people occasionally contribute by sending me a few pieces - which in the past has ranged from a few magazine features from their personal files, a 58lb box of worldwide cuttings or, as on this occasion – a poster. 

Your contributions certainly make all the time and effort put into this site so worthwhile. I am constantly updating pages all over the Archive with everything that is sent to me – it may take some time to cover absolutely everything, but it’s there as a permanent resource as well as for Eastwood fans to simply enjoy.  A BIG thank you to everyone who helps make this site what it is today.        

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