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There was a time when Clint would avoid the Academy Awards like the plague, which makes pictures of Clint at the Oscars pre 1993 rather rare in deed. Of course since 1993 and his wins for Unforgiven (1992) you just can’t keep him away…which is really a testament to the quality of films he has both directed and produced over the last 15 or so years.

Here is a nice collection to start things off, I have a ton more to add and insert as and when I can find the time to Scan each of the stills and images.

Above: A couple of rare images and video from The Academy Awards April 7th 1970, which (without double checking) was probably taken while Clint was shooting The Beguiled, nevertheless, it’s a wonderful shot.

Above and left: An interesting shot, probably from 1972. I’m not sure of the source of the picture I was reminded of the now classic Oscar clip where Clint stood in for Heston who was meant to present an Oscar, Heston’s car had broken down on the freeway which had delayed him from arriving on time.

Clint had stepped in, much to his regret, and proceeded to read all of Heston’s lines (from idiot boards) and were all naturally related to Heston’s film roles, Moses and so on. Clint, quite naturally, was highly embarrassed (much to the amusement of the audience) and Burt Reynolds, who can be seen splitting his guts open in the front row, add to this the guy (off screen) who was turning the boards way too slowly for Clint. 

‘Come on man, flip the cards, this ain’t my bag’ emerging in the process as the classic line, before Chuck runs on from the wings, only to start reciting the whole thing once again, to much laughter. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, it’s pure Gold and I will dig it out and post it here for all to view.

Below: From 1973, Clint presents the Oscar for best picture, The Godfather.
FAST FORWARD to 1993 and the year of the Woman. An incredible moment for any Eastwood fan as finally the Academy recognises Clint’s long overdue Oscar. Personally, I believe Clint’s should have received an Oscar for his work on The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) a view which may not see me in the majority, but I still believe is a better movie overall.

Above: Triumphant at last! The 65th Annual Academy Awards, March 29th 1993

Above: Jack Nicholson, Clint & Barbra Streisand, March 29th 1993

Above: Jack Nicholson, Clint & Barbra Streisand, March 29th 1993

Academy Awards March 21st 1994
Clint was back at the Academy Awards, this time to present to his good friend Steven Spielberg for his wins for the magnificent Schindler's List.

Above: Clint with his friend Steven Spielberg for his much deserved Oscar win.

Clint receives the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award March 27th 1995
The following year at the 67th Academy Awards, Clint was joined by Arnold Schwarzenegger who presented the Award on March 27th 1995.
Above Clint with Schwarzenegger at the 1995 Academy Awards

MYSTIC RIVER wins 2 Oscars The 76th Annual Academy Awards, February 29th 2004
Clint's Mystic River was nominated for 6 Oscars and walked away with 2 of the Majors, Sean Penn for Best Actor and Tim Robbins for best supporting Actor.
I had the pleasure of Attending the UK Premiere of Mystic River and thought it was truly Oscar winning Material, I met Clint the following night at London's BBC Television Center shortly after he had recorded the Michael Parkinson interview, and said how much I had enjoyed Mystic River the previous night and how I thought he should prepare his tux as I thought his film would be picking up some Oscars in Feb, thank god I got it right!

Above: Clint with his mother and wife Dina Eastwood arrive at the Academy Awards
Below: Clint with Tim Robbins and Sean Penn as the two actors hold their Oscar statues at the Governor's Ball following the 76th annual Academy Awards in Hollywood

Million Dollar Baby Dominates Oscars:

Above: Clint with his Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture, Superb!
Clint Eastwood wins the best director award, while Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman also pick up Oscars for the movie. Million Dollar Baby beat The Aviator at last night's Oscars, winning four of the major awards, including best picture, best actress (Hilary Swank) and best supporting actor (Morgan Freeman).
Clint Eastwood's victory in the best director category also dealt a knock-out blow to Martin Scorsese's hopes of winning the award, meaning that yet again Marty comes away from the ceremony empty-handed.

Morgan's speach:
I want to thank everybody and anybody who ever had anything at all to do with the making of this picture. But I especially want to thank Clint Eastwood for giving me the opportunity to work with him again. And to work with Hilary Swank. This was a labor of love. And I thank the Academy. I thank you. So very much.

Above: The wonderful Morgan Freeman, clearly a happy man!
Hilary's speach:
I don't know what I did in this life to deserve all this. I'm just a girl from a trailer park who had a dream. I never thought this would ever happen, let alone be nominated. And a working actor, for that matter. And now, this. I thank the Academy. I'm eternally grateful for this great honor. I would also like to acknowledge my fellow nominees, Annette, Imelda, Kate, and Catalina, your work inspires me beyond words.
I am going to start by thanking my husband because I'd like to think I learned from past mistakes. Chad, you're my everything. Thank you for your support. It means the world. I would never be standing here if it weren't for the -- each and every one of the brilliant people I had surrounding me, supporting me and believing in me. Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, thank you for sending me this most marvelous script. You will never know how grateful I am. Paul Haggis, for writing this beautiful script. Our other producers extraordinaire: Al Ruddy, Clint, Rob Lorenz. Phyllis Huffman, our casting director. My trainers, Grant Roberts and Hector Roca, you pushed me further than I ever thought I could push myself up to that last pound, actually to that last ounce. I thank you. My sparring partners who were so patient. And everyone at Gleason's.
Well, the ever-amazing Morgan Freeman. Tom Stern, our cinematographer, you are brilliant. Joel Cox, our editor, you're amazing. You know? I'm going to thank my mom for believing in me from the beginning. My dad, for his support. My agents, Josh Lieberman, Tony Lipp, Kelly Tiffan, John Campisi. Jason Weinberg my manager (You can't do that. I haven't gotten to Clint yet! I saved him for the end)
Karl Austen, Jeff Bernstein, my lawyers. And then Clint. Clint Eastwood. Thank you for allowing me to go on this journey with you. Thank you for believing in me. You're my "macushla" Thank you. Warner brothers, as well. And you know what? Wait! Troy Nankin, my best friend and publicist. Thank you!

Above: Hilary hugs actor director and producer Clint after she won the award for Best Actress at the 77th Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre
Clint (For Best Director):
Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. I'd like to thank my wife, who is my best pal down here. And my mother, who was here with me in 1993. She was only 84 then. But she's here with me again tonight. And she just -- so, at 96, I'm thanking her for her genes.
It was a wonderful adventure. It takes a -- to make a picture in 37 days, it takes a well-oiled machine. And that well-oiled machine is the crew -- the cast, of course, you've met a lot of them. But there's still Margo and Anthony and Michael and Mike and Jay and everybody else who was so fabulous in this cast. And the crew, Campanelli. Billy Coe and, of course, Tom Stern, who is fantastic. And Henry Bumstead, the great Henry Bumstead who is the head of our crack geriatrics team. And Henry and Jack Taylor, and Dick Goddard, all those guys. Walt and everybody. I can't think of everybody right now.
I'm drawing a blank right now. But, Warren, you were right. And thank you, for your confidence earlier in the evening. I'm just lucky to be here. Lucky to be still working. And I watched Sidney Lumet, who is 80, and I figure, I'm just a kid. I'll just -- I've got a lot of stuff to do yet. So thank you all very much. Appreciate it

Above: Julia Roberts presents Clint with his Best Director Oscar
Below: Clint celebrates on Stage

Clint Eastwood, Albert S. Ruddy's and Tom Rosenberg's speach (For Best Picture)
Clint Eastwood: Albert S. Ruddy was the one who gave us this script. And I came here in 1972, was it? It was 72, to give him the Oscar for THE GODFATHER. So, I'm glad to be back with him tonight.
Albert S. Ruddy: Actually, this is the third award ceremony we've gotten to in this category. And tonight, we won. And I would tell you every time I started going to this thing, I'd say I'm going to enjoy myself whether I win or lose. But believe me, as Arnold said, "It's better to win!" I love it. Thank you, everybody. Now -- this is a great honor that celebrates the talent of Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman, and the genius of Clint Eastwood. Now, one other quick -- I want to thank Anjelica Huston, who introduced me to F.X. Toole and Paul Haggis for writing a brilliant screenplay. And the only thing left for me to do in my life now, is thank my wife, who believed when I was worried. My two great children. I'm going to sit down, and get a piece of lemon pie with the real filling. I'm going to look at this. And then, I'm going to die and go to heaven. Thank you.
Tom Rosenberg: I want to thank Warner Brothers, Alan Horn, Steve Spira...
Clint: Keep talking. Don't let them drown you out.
Tom Rosenberg: And I'd like to thank my partners, Gary Lucchesi and Terry McKay. And everybody at Lakeshore. And of course, the fantastic and fabulous, Clint Eastwood. And my other partner, Elizabeth Alkon.
Clint: And everybody at the Mission Ranch in Monterey county, who is watching the show.
Below: Clint proudly displays his 2 Oscars

Below: While a couple of old friends try to crash the party!

Below: Clint's dear Mum Ruth proudly shows off one of her sons 2 Oscars at the Governor's Ball!

Above: A wonderful picture of Ruth Wood, Clint and the gorgeous Hilary Swank at the Governor's Ball

Letters from Iwo Jima: No Oscar for Clint, but a great night nevertheless. Los Angeles Feb. 25th 2007
Above: Clint happily poses for pictures at the 79th annual Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon
The Year got off to a fine start, Clint was nominated for Best Director for Letters From Iwo Jima and attended the 79th annual Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon held in Beverly Hills on Feb 5th 2007.
Below: Clint pictured with Sid Ganis at the Luncheon

Oscar Night 2007 was a pretty good night overall, not only was Clint up for another Award, he was also presenting a lifetime achievement award to legendary Italian composer Ennio Morricone (see dedicated full post below.) Clint turned up with wife Dina looking incredibly cool and laid back as usual.
Below: Clint arrives looking as cool as ever in shades with wife Dina

The Awards that year was hosted by comedian Ellen DeGeneres, who memorably provided a wonderful little moment when she walked among the stars in the audience and immediately picked up on Clint who was sitting with both Dina and Steven Spielberg (who was also up as a co producer with Clint for Letters from Iwo Jima).

Above: Clint points to his portrait that director Steven Spielberg took for host Ellen DeGeneres
Armed with a small digital camera, DeGeneres handed her camera to Spielberg in order to capture a couple of snap shots of herself (and her new found friend in Clint) for her photo album and which turned out to be a great little moment from the show.
Below: Yes, the 2 actual shots taken by Mr. Spielberg, nice framing!

While Eastwood and Co missed out on the big prizes, the evening was not without its rewards as Letters from Iwo Jima picked up Oscars (in Sound Editing) for the team of Bub Asman and Alan Robert Murray. An award which gave everyone from the production cause to celebrate.
Below: A big thank you to Clint on their way to the stage, and how happy Dina looks for them, providing the big thumbs up!

Below: Bub Asman and Alan Robert Murray pick up their Oscars on Stage

Below: A Photo from the press room

Below: Celebrations begin at The Governor's Ball!

Below: Clint Eastwood arrives with his mother Ruth at the 65th Academy Awards in 1993
Below: Clint with Bradley Cooper and friend Christina Sandera at the 87th Annual Academy Awards 2015.


Rob said...

Great stuff, mate! Totally agree about Josey Wales being better than Unforgiven. I've loved that movie ever since I first saw it on a double bill at the local fleapit circa 1978. I was a schoolkid at the time & can't remember what the other half was (Magnum Force, possibly).

Still, Josey Wales just seems to have gotten better with time. It's a fantastic movie with such heart behind it.

Clint's archive said...

Ahh, you're my sort of man Rob lol. Yes in deed, not that I have anything against Unforgiven at all, it is a fine fine movie, but I do think that the recognition bestowed upon Clint's Unforgiven should have been attributed far earlier, with the likes of The Outlaw Josey Wales especially.

And you certainly know your stuff Rob. In fact Josey in the UK was paired up several times as double Bills or Double features, I have in my collection the UK quad posters for:

Josey Wales / The Enforcer (which has a home on my living room wall as I type)

Josey Wales / The Gauntlet

and as you rightly said

Josey Wales / Magnum Force

Which I think I may have also as a trade ad, easier to scan than photograph at this stage and I will certainly dig it out for you and post in the Josey Wales section of this site very soon, if only to stir a few fond memories of those great fleapit double bill days, just the best!
I'm sure we will talk more, appreciate you taking the time to post Rob.
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