Friday 15 May 2009

Clint Autographs: True examples

A friend of this site, Alex had written to me recently in regards to finding a genuine Eastwood autograph. While I cannot really suggest a 'route' in obtaining such a signature or in fact whom to trust in terms of sellers, I never really rested until I finally got to meet the man in person, and on that occasion Clint kindly signed 2 photos for me, one of which is dedicated to me and the other of which is just a signature. What I can do is reproduce the autograph here, if only in order to show what the genuine article looks like, circa 2004. Clint's autograph has of course changed throughout the years, like most people's do. To illustrate this I will also show a really early example of his signature, which again is a genuine example.

Above: An example of Clint's signature from the 1950's
Below: Clint's Autograph circa 2004, much more liberal and flowing in style.

Below: Here is a close up of the above autograph, for reasons of closer examination, I have left the HTML code of this scan unedited, so by clicking on the image will allow you to see the signature in larger detail in the hope that it will help you in your search.

I must stress though, it's a really thin line, even looking at my 2 autographs, which were signed within minutes of each other, there is still a distinct difference in the signing of his name, which means of course that even genuine signatures on the open market can differ from the above example and as a result, leaves it open to exploit. I guess the only way to obtain an autograph in the safe knowledge that it is in deed genuine, is to have it signed in front of you, it can be a long long wait, but it's absolutely worth it in the end. Never give up...


Alex said...

Thank you ever so much for taking the time to post these fabulous images and explaining the details of Mr. Eastwood's signature! Usually, I try to obtain autographs from the individual also, but that has become tougher and tougher over the years. Regardless, I shall never give up and look forward to sharing the ongoing hunt with you!

All the very best


Clint's archive said...

Good to hear from you again Alex!
The Clint Eastwood Archive

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Tell us more of how you met the great man

Clint's archive said...

Hello Gary,
Well, it came in the middle of a great period, I had been working with the U.S. TV channel A&E on their Sp Ed of 'Biography' (on Clint naturally) and with the time difference, I have to say I worked rather hard (for some 6 months) on the show. As the show went into its post production stages, Clint visited the UK to promote Mystic River (which I attended the UK premiere). The following night (Thurs) Clint was at the BBC to record the Parkinson show (for transmission on the Sat). I was working for the BBC at the time and luckily a friend of mine also working there and a devoted Eastwood fan also, managed to get us production seats for the show. It was a great night and a fine interview. After the recording we knew that Clint was not a person to hang around for long, so my friend and myself dodged down and around the maze of BBC corridors that we were already familiar with (bumping into Michael Parkinson on the way), we could see Clint already on his way towards the stage door, but of course, we knew the short cuts and managed to get there before Clint did..
We waited outside for around a minute before we saw Clint through the large glass windows of reception. As he came out and headed for his car I called out, (in a manic and probably desperate state!) 'Mr Eastwood, can we please have...' then a large security man stepped in, 'Sorry, Mr Eastwood is not seeing anyone' (or words to that effect) 'Yeah? well sorry mate, but I'd been a fan for some 35 years and wasn't going to give up that easily...'
'Mr Eastwood we've been fans for some 35 years, I've just spent 6 months working on the A&B Biography show..' THAT WAS THE MAGIC LINE.. Clint looked up, put his hand to his ear and in that great voice and with that slightly curious look on his face, he said, 'What was that?' I repeated what I had just said, and he said to the security 'No, that's ok, let these guys through...' Pure magic!!! We stood next to him had a brief chat, said how we had attended last night, I also mentioned how I thought it would be an Oscar winning film (Thank God I got that right) I can't remember everything that was said now, you kind of hit a haze when this all happens..I know I asked had he seen the A&E Doc yet, he said no, as it was actually being aired in the U.S on that very weekend (which I knew was absolutely right) I had just wondered if he had seen a rough cut. He was happy to sign 2 photos for me and above all, was kind and a perfect gentleman, which, as a fan, is the one thing you hope he is going to be, I couldn't imagine anything worse if Clint had turned out to be a complete misery. For real fans, I'd imagine its their worse nightmare should they finally get to meet their hero...
Thank god, this wasn't the case where Clint was concerned. I was absolutely over the moon, on a natural high that would last for several months after. There isn't a week passes that I don't actually think about it and how lucky my friend and I was to get that chance.
'These chances come but once in a lifetime...'

Hope this explains it more in a little more detail, thanks for your post Gary.

The Clint Eastwood Archive

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

Clint's archive said...

It appears that you are an expert in this field, your remarks are very interesting, thank you. - Daniel

Hello Daniel and thank you for your kind words. I am far from an expert in the field of autographs, but I'm 100% sure regarding the autograph I have on show here. Thanks again.

Anonymous said... being an avid fan of Clint,I know you will share my excitment when I tell you what I found in a book(a bible) that was heading for a local thrift store. I found a typed sympathy note, signed by Clint Eastwood!I'm in the process of getting it athenticated. To top it off it is wriiten to Gary Mortin in the passing og "The Great Redhead" Jucciel Ball Of course. Can you beleive it?? There is also a sympathy note from Phillis Diller written to Lucy Arnez!!

Clint's archive said...

A fantastic story, I brought a book on The Who this week and it had some private photos of a guy in drag, slipped in between the pages! I would rather of found your freebies!
Thanks for sharing your story

Brett Garten said...

Here's an interesting one from 1969 that compares favourably to your first example:

Clint's archive said...

Looks a nice little item Brett, thanks for posting

Unknown said...

Got cool Clint item id love to get signed.anybody got any suggestions???

Unknown said...

Anybody have any suggestions on how to get my Clint item signed???