Saturday 5 December 2009

INVICTUS L.A. premiere December 3rd 2009

INVICTUS L.A. premiere December 3rd Beverly Hills

Forget Team Edward and Team Jacob, it's Team Clint that really rules Hollywood.
Just ask Angelina Jolie, who brought part of her own team to Clint's "Invictus" premiere at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Theater on Thursday night.
"I'd do anything for Clint," she said, flashing that dazzling smile and sporting a new, much-lighter 'do. Angelina, Brad and Maddox Jolie-Pitt, the eldest kid in their ever-expanding family, avoided the red carpet madness and slipped into the theater to see Eastwood's latest, amazing film. Set in 1995, the true-life story focuses on how Nelson Mandela and the predominantly white South African national rugby team brought the apartheid-torn country together by winning the Rugby World Cup.
Orlando Bloom followed Brangelina's lead, keeping a low profile, while Eastwood, his wife Dina, and a passel of his own offspring, including daughters Alison and Francesca and sons Kyle and Scott, joined "Invictus" stars Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon on the red carpet.
Inside, after Eastwood fans Ken Watanabe, Kenny Chesney, Michelle Monaghan, Herbie Hancock, and Ken Howard found their seats and Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer crowed a bit about the "Invictus" awards received that morning from the National Board of Review.
"We're extremely proud of this movie," he cheered, then listed the wins - Best Director for Clint Eastwood, Best Actor for Morgan Freeman, their Freedom of Expression prize, and Top Ten Films of 2009.

Team Clint celebrated lavishly at the after party, held in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel ballroom, with the Eastwood family filling one couch pit, the Damon crew taking over another (with Orlando Bloom in tow), and even Nelson Mandela's daughter Zindzi and grandson Zwaloba ensconced in a third. The party was made complete with a jazz band, groaning tables of filet mignon and salmon, and gaggles of gigantic guys who star as the rugby players in the uplifting flick. Even the real captain of the South Africa Springboks, Francoise Pienaar, the guy Matt Damon plays so convincingly in the film, was on hand.
"All the rugby sequences were real," Clint said with a grin as he greeted the endless stream of well-wishers. "Those guys are really tough!"

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