Monday 24 January 2011

The World of Poster Mock Ups

I recently made contact with a site that specialises in retro poster mock ups Silverferox. Basically, these are film posters that never existed. It's a fascinating process which provides a harmless alternative to the original official designs issued by the studios. These are designed for non-commercial use, but just for pleasure. Nevertheless, a great deal of skill goes into these designs and for that, they are very admirable.
Here are 6 designs from Dirty Harry and 1 from Magnum Force with the promise of more to come. I look forward to future posters and hope you all enjoy them too.

...and more did come, here are the latest posters (1 additional poster for Dirty Harry and the first for The Enforcer). Great stuff!
Above: Another recent find from the internet, added Feb 26th, 2014
Below: Here is a wonderful design for The Gauntlet created by my friend Philip McLean
A big thank you to Davy Triumph for his design of a UK Quad for Pink Cadillac. As Davy explains, 'it was only created through frustration that it was never given a UK release, therefore, no UK Quad which leaves a small grey area in my UK Quad collection. Here is what I believe would have been a highly probable concept for the UK Quad.' 
I couldn't agree more Davy, the poster works beautifully well. It's a genuine shame that the film didn't receive a UK release, but with the help of your concept, it certainly helps us to picture what might had been. Thank you again Davy. 
Thank you to my friend Paul Alaoui who recently sent this. Paul spotted a friend had posted this on a social networking site and believed it to be real. Of course, it is a mock up by a fan and most probably a case of wishful thinking - It's a shame Clint and Charlie Bronson never got the chance to appear on screen together - might of made for an explosive teaming. Thanks again Paul. 
Below: Here is another mock up to recently surface on the internet. My thanks to Davy Triumph for this one - who almost went into shock upon first discovering it! Looks pretty damn good though doesn't it!
Below: Another recently discovered mock up for The Enforcer, using the Sudden Impact shattered glass concept.


Patricia C. said...

~Just stopping for say: your blog it's absolutely amazing.
His blog and Clint Eastwood, sure :)
~Greetings from Brazil.
All the best.

Clint's archive said...

Thanks for your kind words Patricia, great to have you here, feel free to say hi anytime.

Silver Ferox Design said...

Thanks for your review of my work - glad you enjoy it TCEA and Patricia C. - all the best, J.

Clint's archive said...

No problem J,
Do keep me updated on any other Eastwood related work you create.