Monday, 29 April 2013

Two Mules: Some great rare photos

Out of all of Clint's movies from the 1970s, Two Mules For Sister Sara has been one film that has provided a great deal of behind-the-scenes or production shots. Just recently I have discovered a few new additions, and rather than just adding them to the dedicated "Two Mules for Sister Sara" page (where they may not be seen for a while unless the page is visited) I also decided to post them here as a temp new post. These great shots are rarely seen.
Above: A wonderful shot captures Clint passing the trailer of Shirley MacLaine who seems to be lost in her drink.
Above: Clint, Shirley and Don look over and revise the script.
Below: A nice close up of Clint and Shirley, who seem to have found something to smile about. 
Below: On Location during a break in filming Clint and Shirley seek some shade from the sun.
Below: A nice colour shot of Clint and Don during location filming.

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He was and still a LEGEND
and the best director of our time