Monday 30 October 2017

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Photos by Foto Vaselli 1 – 50

There is very little information available regarding Italian photographer Foto Vaselli . However, the name is instantly recognisable among fans of Eastwood and especially fans of the Sergio Leone Dollar trilogy. Vaselli was the man who arguably captured the greatest and most important photographic record of the three legendary films. A great deal of his original photographs were used for the conception of the many film poster designs from around the world. In recent times, a large amount of his original photographs have appeared for sale (often in large lots), and as a result fetched considerably high prices. Whilst some of the photos had survived in reasonably good shape, a lot of the photos had not. Regardless of the quality, they were vital in terms of saving. I have made it something of a long term project, but nevertheless set out to try and rescue these images and to some degree, restore them. Needless to say, this will be a very long and often laborious task. Therefore I have decided to post them here, in sets, as I complete batches of 50. It should also be noted that due to some major deterioration and extreme damage to the edges, in some cases I have had to re-frame the photos as they were almost beyond any form of restoration. I still felt that saving the majority of the image was far more important than nothing at all. The first 50 photos here are from The Good, the bad and the Ugly (PEA release, 1966). Occasionally, some shots may appear very similar, but I have still included both - as they originally appeared. 
All photos are presented purely for historic and educational purposes.

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