Monday 4 June 2018

Magnum Force: The incredibly rare International mini lobby set of 22

Quite a few of the Eastwood fraternity were ever-so-slightly staggered to see this amazing set of 22 international 10x8 mini lobby cards appear recently for auction. In fact, none of us never even knew that such a large set ever existed! Their rarity was eventually reflected in the finishing price which reached an amazing $3,840.00.
Fortunately, I’m lucky enough to call the winning bidder (who will remain anonymous) a close friend. So it was wonderful to receive a phone call earlier this afternoon and grab some precious time to discuss all things Eastwood which of course, included this wonderful set.
This international set still remains something of a mystery, as they have never appeared in any form of Press book (domestic or international). Nevertheless, what can be revealed is that this set of 22 cards is probably not the full international set. So how can that be? Well, while discussing the set, my friend informed me that he already had some individual cards from the international set, some of which are actually different from any of those featured in the 22!
As most collectors will already know, the international sets do not carry any form of NSS (National Screen Service) number. Furthermore, unlike the standard set of 8 cards, the international cards are also free of any individual numbers. The standard set are usually marked 1 through 8. So of course, with no record of these appearing in any press book, or any other form of Warner Bros publicity material, it is virtually impossible to determine exactly how many cards were produced. It’s a cruel twist that (for the serious collector) must leave a deep sense of frustration.
However, let’s finish on a positive note. Here for your pleasure is the set of all 22, the largest set we have certainly seen, for the time being…
As always, thank you sir for providing and sharing all the details.

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