Saturday 25 August 2018

Cowboy Favorites: Album Cover Photo Shoot Revealed

Since it was first released back in September 1963, Clint’s long player Cowboy Favorites (left) has always withheld a mystery – where was the cover photo taken? It has been widely assumed that it was probably taken during the filming of a Rawhide episode, but sadly, the album’s sleeve notes on the reverse never contained any such information. At last, I think I am finally able to provide some form of answer – and if the source of that information is correct, an actual date. 
Just recently I discovered quite a few photos that are all dated as April 5th, 1960. The location was actually at CBS Television City in Hollywood, California. On some larger versions of the photos the buildings can clearly be seen in the background. In fact, April 5th looked to be a pretty full day for Eastwood as he appeared to spend most of the day and evening at the buildings. There are three main photo sessions centred on Clint during this day. 

Firstly, there’s quite an extensive shoot of Clint photographed in and around the CBS studios dressed in casual clothing. Secondly, there is this apparent photo shoot of Clint in full Rawhide garb. And lastly, Clint is dressed formally in a dinner suite for what is described as being a Season / year-end holiday party held at the studios. I am planning on posting these shots in a separate post named ‘Clint in the Sixties at CBS’ so make sure to check back.
In the meantime, enjoy these wonderful rare shots.

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