Friday 22 July 2022

Early Eastwood signed letter to a fan from March 1962

Early Eastwood signed letter to a fan from March 1962

One of the most common questions I’m asked is in relation to Clint’s autograph. 

To be honest, it’s a horrendous business with so many fakes flooding the market. In truth, I never felt 100% comfortable, although I had a couple previous from very trusted sources, I only ever felt truly content when I obtained a couple from him in person - and (for me) it’s pretty much the same in regards to anyone's autograph. Clint’s signature has changed and evolved over the decades - much like most people’s. 

I recently came across this example of an eledgidly hand written letter by Clint from March 22nd, 1962. Back in 1962, and predominantly as a TV star in Rawhide, time on the actor’s part was naturally a bit more affordable - especially as an up and coming star. Actors often engaged in answering fan mail which at the same time helped in promoting themselves, and who could blame them. Overall, it was much more of a one-to-one, social relationship between stars and their fans. Today of course, it’s usually more to do with the cash value that can be accumulated from obtaining a treasured signature, which usually means that genuine fans often miss out, and that’s the real travesty. 

However, I thought I’d post this here as it does bare all the characteristics of Clint’s signature from this particular period. It’s quite charming in its innocence really, a young kid who perhaps, formed a friendship club with other young Rawhide fans and wrote to Clint. This example looks to be a personal response from Clint himself. Or I at least would like to think of that being the case... As far as I can make out, the letter reads:

Dear David, Thank you for your letter. If you and your club wish any info - matters about the national fan club, write to: Roy St. John, 1741 N. Kingsley Drive, Hollywood, Calif. Sincerely Clint Eastwood

The letter measures approximately 7 x 4.5 inches in size, and has prior mounting holes in the corners and top center. The letter is written in Red ink. I have adjusted the lighting slightly in order to make everything more legible. 

Of course, I can’t authenticate if it is genuine or not, but I think it looks pretty good as far as examples go.

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