Thursday, 11 August 2022

NATO’s Male Star of the Year 1971 Rare Warner Bros One Day Advertisement

NATO’s Male Star of the Year 1971 Rare Warner Bros One Day Advertisement

Here’s a nice and very rare One Day only, full page advertisement published by Warner Bros. and congratulating Clint on his receiving of NATO’s Male Star of the Year award in 1971. The winning female that year was Actress Ali MacGraw who was enjoying a wave of success after the film Love Story. This full page Ad, appeared in the trade paper Variety on October 28th 1971, and was perfect timing as Dirty Harry was scheduled to be released just a couple of months later in December 1971. 

I’ve been meaning to post this ad for a long time now, but the original source image I had (whist a good resolution) was rather badly yellowed and photographed slightly off angle. So it needed to be fully digitally restored including its tone and lighting re-balanced and some text realigning.  It’s been quite a job but now looks more true to how it would have looked when it first appeared over 50 years ago. 

For people who may not know, we have quite an extensive couple of posts in regards to this event, with a great deal of superb colour and b/w photos. I contacted NATO many years back, and they were instrumental in providing a wealth of material for use here on the Archive - for which I am still so very grateful. They were absolutely excellent.

The original post can be found (HERE) and the follow up post (HERE) they are well worth revisiting. 

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