Saturday 29 July 2023

Exhibiting a Dollar Collection by Travis Trewin

Exhibiting a Dollar Collection by Travis Trewin
After the Archive’s friend Travis Trewin from Melbourne, Australia got in touch, he informed me of how he exhibited some of his collection in 2022. As Travis works in video, he shot a nice little piece which displays some great examples. Travis was very kind enough to share this here for the Leone / Eastwood fans. Thank you, Travis. 
Original exhibition Information 
A Fistful of Posters. This exhibition is the culmination of a forty-year fascination with the films of Sergio Leone and a love of film poster art.

The first time I saw A Fistful of Dollars on VHS as a teenager, I remember being totally captivated by the arid landscapes, big close-ups, dubbed voices and piercingly emotive soundtrack.  It was unlike anything I had seen before and I was spellbound. This led me to hastily watch all of Leone’s films; each being more remarkable than the last.

In 1990 I discovered a film poster shop called ‘Moviola’ in Little Collins Street, Melbourne.  Flicking through the hundreds of posters and lobby cards, I found a set of sepia-toned lobby cards depicting scenes from For a Few Dollars More. The excitement of seeing the film for the first time came flooding back to me and I knew I needed them on my bedroom wall. 

I would frequent that shop many more times over the next decade, looking for Leone and Eastwood titles, until something called the ‘internet’ opened a whole new world of collecting possibilities. 

My collecting urge went up several notches in 1997 when, in a book called Film Posters of the 60’s, I found a trio of Italian ‘photobustas’ portraying Eastwood, Van Cleef and Volonté in For a Few Dollars More. They were more magnificent than anything I could have imagined and sparked a treasure hunt to track down all three posters.  They slowly popped up, one by one, and I completed the set 25 years later.

With the advent of streaming services, in recent years I have been able to explore a wider range of the hundreds of spaghetti westerns that were made in the deserts of Spain. I now enjoy finding obscure poster artwork for these films from countries such as Argentina and the former Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.I hope you enjoy this exhibition as much as I have enjoyed piecing it together over the last 32 years

Below: Travis with some of his collection
Below: A Fistful of Posters Exhibition Video

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