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Kelly's Heroes 1970

During World War II, Kelly (Eastwood), a former lieutenant demoted to private as a scapegoat, captures a German colonel in Intelligence and gets him drunk to try to get information. Before he is killed by an assaulting German tank, the drunken prisoner of war blurts out an interesting tidbit: there is a cache of 14,000 gold bars stored in a bank vault 30 miles behind enemy lines.
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Below: How Kelly's Heroes may have opened when viewed in UK cinemas with its original A certificate
To view the original trailer click below:
Kelly’s Heroes 1970 Clint Eastwood Donald Sutherland UK QUAD
Kelly’s Heroes 1970 Clint Eastwood Donald Sutherland Original Belgium poster, curious in the fact that Raymond Elseviers' bold design failed to show any of the actors faces
Kelly’s Heroes 1970 Clint Eastwood Telly Savalas Original Italian Locandina
Kelly’s Heroes 1970 Clint Eastwood Telly Savalas Original German A1 poster
Kelly’s Heroes 1970 DVD Clint Eastwood and Telly Savalas
Below: The Italian DVD
Kelly’s Heroes 1970 Original UK synopsis and cast press sheet
Kelly’s Heroes 1970 FOH set x 8 UK
Below: Close up example of UK FOH still
Kelly's Heroes 1970 Original Spanish Herald
Kelly’s Heroes 1970 Orig sheet music Burning Bridges, illustrated front cover
Kelly’s Heroes 1970 Orig U.S. sheet music Burning Bridges
Kelly’s Heroes 1970 Original folded U.S 1 sheet poster in very good condition
Kelly’s Heroes 1970 Original Spanish Press book, great full colour art
Kelly’s Heroes 1970 10 x 8 Press Stills b/w x 46 + 10 Colour

Kelly’s Heroes 1970 UK Original press book
Kelly’s Heroes 1970 The first ever UK Laserdisc, Kelly's Heroes was featured in MGM's first batch of releases, even though it was a Panned and Scanned version
Kelly's Heroes / The Cincinnati Kid Lalo Schifrin Chapter III CD
Kelly's Heroes 1970 7" Vinyl Burning Bridges Clint Eastwood, Picture Sleeve
Kelly's Heroes 1970 Rare Japanese 7" Single. Released on Denon ‎Records (CD-101)
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 Very Rare Spanish 7" single in Picture Sleeve Cat MGM Records ‎– 2006 011
Kelly's Heroes 1970 Lobby set x 16 French
Kelly's Heroes 1970 New CD soundtrack recording full complete original and re-recording FSM release
Kelly's Heroes 1970 Original U.S. LP with full colour artwork sleeve
Kelly's Heroes 1970 Orig USA Press book (with supplement)
Kelly's Heroes 1970 Original Tie in Paperback Sphere(Rare)
Kelly's Heroes 1970 Ultra Rare Original Japanese Brochure, lovely item
Kelly's Heroes 1970 Ultra Rare White Label Test pressing LP, White Sleeve
This was an extraordinary find, I was attending a car boot sale some 15-20 years ago, when I spotted a box of old vinyl, looking through I found this bit of vinyl with no ID marking, no writing on the sleeve or label. I took the vinyl out to take a look at the record's matrix and spotted the letters 'K H'...No? It couldn't be?
I almost convinced myself out of buying it, but finding out the price (10p)! I simply took the chance. And oh yes, sure enough, it turned out to be the Kelly's Heroes soundtrack! Quite amazing...
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 A set of 10 Italian photobustas
Below: Original set of 12 Spanish Lobby cards with Title card
Below: The Spanish 1981 re-release Lobby set of 12
Below: Kelly's Heroes advance Trade ad from July 1970
Below: A rare full page advertisement with press quotes
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970, The 2 U.S. 1 sheet designs
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 International 1 sheet design
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 A very rarly seen U.S. 1 sheet poster
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 U.S. Half Sheet Poster
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 Original Turkish 1 sheet poster (Thanks to Davy Triumph)
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 U.S. Lobby set x8 14x11
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 Japanese 7" single in Picture Sleeve by Putney Bridge on London Records ‎– TOP-1579
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 All For The Love of Sunshine sung by Hank Williams Jr.
Very Rare Italian 7" single in Picture Sleeve Cat No MG 70042
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 Rare 7" single in Picture Sleeve, Burning Bridges sung by The Mike Curb Congregation Cat No MGM 200 6011
Below: An even harder to find 7" vinyl single from Japan
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 This is the Original 1984 U.S. Laserdisc Panned and Scanned version Cat No ML 100168
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 The U.S. CED Video Disc Front
and reverse
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970, Here is the U.S. Widescreen Laserdisc (Cat ML 102040)
Below: The rarely seen Japanese Laserdisc for Kelly's Heroes 
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 The superb Japanese 1 sheet poster
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1970 The Italian 2 foglio poster 39x55
Below: Kelly's Heroes U.S. Version of the tie-in paperback published by Lancer Books New York
Below: The Rare Polish film poster for Kelly's Heroes
Below: The U.S. Insert poster for Kelly's Heroes
Below: Kelly's Heroes Swedish Insert poster
Below Kelly's Heroes Australian Daybill poster
Below: Kelly's Heroes Danish 1 sheet poster
Below: Kelly's Heroes French Poster 
Below: Kelly's Heroes Original Spanish 1 sheet poster
Below: Kelly's Heroes Original Radio Spots vinyl (Kal 064)
Below: Kelly's Heroes - All for the love of sunshine Sheet Music

Below: Some super photos taken during Kelly's Heroes
Below: An original cutting featured this great shot of Clint on his bike on location while a local kids looks on.
Below: Some Original Newspaper Advertisements
Below: This recent Blu Ray release contains both Kelly's Heroes and Where Eagles Dare

Original Reviews
Kelly's Heroes (1970)
Alternate Title: The Warriors

Like M*A*S*H and Catch-22, both released the same year, this military comedy takes place in an earlier war but is really a thinly disguised treatise on the modern-day insanity and avariciousness then unfolding in Vietnam. Clint Eastwood stars as Kelly, a former lieutenant whose illusions about the glory of war, if he has any, are lost when he is busted in rank for following some poorly considered orders in World War II France. After capturing a friendly German officer, Kelly learns the whereabouts of millions of dollars in gold bars, earmarked to finance a military payroll. Taking advantage of a three-day liberty, Kelly assembles a motley trio of fellow soldiers to help him sneak behind enemy lines and retrieve the booty. They include Big Joe (Telly Savalas), a gruff sergeant; Crapgame (Don Rickles), a supply sergeant already enriching himself as a black marketer and con man; and the hippie-like tank commander Oddball (Donald Sutherland). Since crossing into enemy-held territory means heading in the opposite direction of the retreating Allies, Kelly and his men encounter armed resistance. Receiving word of their campaign, the vain General Colt (Carroll O'Connor) mistakes the quartet of freelancing scam artists for all-American heroes. ~
Karl Williams, All Movie Guide

Title: Kelly's Heroes
Running Time: 145 Minutes
Status: Released
Country: United States, Yugoslavia
Genre: Comedy
Below: A Rare UK crown poster 
Below: Kelly's Heroes 1983 oil on board painting size 32 x 28.5
Below: A great alternative version of a familiar shot featuring Clint and Don in Kelly's Heroes - a real stunner
Below: A great shot of Clint believed to had been taken during the Kelly's Heroes shoot
Below: Two great publicity shots from Kelly's Heroes
Below: Here is the incredibly rare Kelly character UK Double Crown poster size 30" x 20" digitally restored
Below: The Big Joe version of the UK Double Crown
Below: A couple of great, recently discovered stills that we hadn't seen before. My thanks to Davy Triumph.
Below: More great shots from Kelly's Heroes 
Below: The Danish film Program
Below: Kelly's Heroes original German film program


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