Wednesday 4 February 2009


Issue #1: Where Eagles Dare

Welcome to an exciting new concept for Cinema Retro: the introduction of special magazines that celebrate specific classic and cult films. We routinely get bombarded with letters and E mails from readers around the world who suggest extensive coverage of their favorite films. The problem is, of course, is that even our Film in Focus sections runs only 8 pages – which is certainly enough to do justice to the average movie, but is woefully inadequate to cover all aspects of those films that deserve even more extensive analysis. Thus, we’ll be periodically introducing special stand-alone tribute issues that will be limited edition collector’s items. As with the regular issues of Cinema Retro, we anticipate these will increase in value significantly. We’ve decided to market these separately and not make them part of our subscription plan. This is to ensure that readers who do not have enthusiasm for the specific film in question won’t have to pay for an entire issue dedicated to that movie. However, we feel that the movies we cover in the special editions will probably have broad appeal to the majority of our readership.

We’ve decided that our inaugural special edition will be dedicated to a film that is among the most requested by readers in terms of wanting extensive coverage. If you’re a fan of films of the 1960s, you don’t need to be told that MGM’s Where Eagles Dare is one of the most enjoyable movies of that glorious era. The film was a big budget, slam-bang action adventure – the very first time that novelist Alistair MacLean had written a thriller directly for the screen. Part spy film, part war movie, Where Eagles Dare was just one of a number of outstanding movies that made the year 1969 one of the best in the history of the industry.

Over twenty writers and film historians have collaborated to bring you, what we believe, is the most definitive story behind the making of this blockbuster movie. Apart from the wealth of rare behind the scenes photographs – many taken by cast and crew during filming on location and at the studio – we have gathered stories and quotes from people like director Brian G. Hutton, producer Elliott Kastner, stuntmen Joe Powell, Alf Joint and Bill Sawyer, second unit director Yakima Canutt and his assistant director Anthony Waye (now a producer on the James Bond films), art director Peter Mullins – and many more. Also illustrated with film poster artwork from around the world, call sheets, flyers, merchandise, tickets and story board and script pages, this is one tribute to a film you will not want to miss – and our ‘Movie Classics’ issues will be extended to 80 pages for the same price as our regular 64-page magazine!

There will only be 5000 copies printed, and we expect it to be a sell-out immediately. To be published in June, you can email us now to reserve your copy. We do not want payment at this stage, but those of you who contact us will be guaranteed a copy when it is published. However, you are not obliged, at any time, to purchase the magazine.

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