Saturday, 26 April 2014

Eiger Sanction Japanese DVD

In between yesterday's frantic researching of the High Plains Drifter paperback art, I was chatting to my friend Philip McLean who lives in Osaka, Japan. During our chat, Philip mentioned about the Japanese DVD of the Eiger Sanction. At first I thought Philip was referring to a VCD format, as he mentioned that it was styled and packaged more like a conventional CD. Philip sent me over a full set of scans and to my surprise, it was actually the DVD format. I was really taken back by the beautiful packaging design. Philip also continued to explain how some DVD's are still packaged this way in Japan - even though the majority have moved over to the more regular style of packaging. I thought some Eastwood collectors and fans may not of seen these before, I know I certainly hadn't. So a big thank you to Philip for sending over these great scans and sharing them with us. Anybody else seen any other Eastwood film releases in packaging such as this? If so, I would be very keen to see them.

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